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Friday, 19 October 2018


We're in Scotland at the moment and had a splendid night to start us off in Dunfermline on Wednesday night.   Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in.     

Walking around the town the next day I spotted these details on top of the cathedral.   
Isn't that just brilliant!   

Dunfermline was the ancient capital of Scotland and has some beautiful old buildings.   We hadn't much time to look around but we'll definitely go back someday to have a proper look.
It is also the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie and has what I'm told is an excellent museum in his honour.  

  • We're in Portsoy now, way up in the north, to deliver a two day songwriting workshop tomorrow and Sunday as well as a concert tomorrow night.   Tom's also doing a percussion workshop tomorrow afternoon.
More photos to follow.



  1. Beautiful, wish that had been on the list of places to tour when we were in Scotland last year, but you just can't see everything. Maybe we'll make it back there one day to see things we missed.

  2. Scotland is so magical, enjoy

  3. Hi Fil - you're busy ... but that's good - and should be great fun. Love the 'vanity' ... oh to be a king?! Just lovely ... cheers Hilary

  4. Oh wow, what amazing details on the roof!!! Clever you to spy them! I hope your workshops go well and Tom's percussion workshop!x

  5. Waving hello, as I'm out blog walking again. It's always good to stretch my legs after writing a new post.

  6. Me waving again, but a little slower today...I move slower when it's cold, wet, and gray.


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