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Wednesday 10 October 2018

The joys of Autumn

I don't know about you but for some reason this year I am not anywhere near ready for it to be Autumn yet.  And although it's quite warm here this week, last week wasn't, so it felt like we'd gone straight in to winter.   I adore Autumn - it's my time of year, but I just feel out of sync somehow .... Whatever it is these are beautiful days to be out walking and feel centred in the time of year.

The colours are starting to change and everything is smelling so abundant and rich and fruitful.

And the load of logs that arrived yesterday are in perfect time for getting the fire lit in the evening.  With stews and rib sticking suppers (of the vegetarian and even vegan kind) and getting jumpers and woollies out again, there's lots to enjoy and look forward to as the nights draw in.

I feel so saddened and terrified in equal measure by the news this week of the scientists' warnings of what we're doing to this Earth and how close we are to major catastrophe ... and still money seems to be leading the way for our political leaders.

It was good to bring the focus back to the present and get out and get some air and enjoy the trees.


  1. It's beautiful and warm here today, not at all autumn like, I saw some ladies out in flip flops...October!!

  2. Hi Fil - Autumn is beautiful ... but I think I prefer Spring knowing that there's six months of light to come ... but the colours are glorious aren't they. Take care and let's do what we can to protect the earth ... cheers Hilary

  3. Spring here Fil, but our weather is very fickle too. We had a 28deg day, then back to 14 with a wind chill factor of 7 which was pretty weird. Enjoy the walks while you can & take care.

  4. My favourite time of year too. I can never resist taking photos of all the glorious colours even though I have loads all ready.

  5. I join you in feeling sad about the news from the scientist, but this current administration seems not to believe in science and is making matters worse. I used to like fall, thought it was because it's my birthday time; but as I age, I don't care for it. I hate to see all the summer colors fade, dislike the smell of rot, which is how fall smells to be with everything going brown and being wet.......and worse yet, what follows is winter...........big thumbs down on that. Our weather hasn't been good for color it seems, we're not seeing reds or yellows, just browns and falling. And already way to cold, only 42 this am. Burrrr

  6. Me out doing my blog walking, popping into say hi. Too ugly, wet, and cold to go walking outdoors.

  7. I'm blog walking again so waving hello


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