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Tuesday 31 March 2015

5 minutes counts

Five minutes before I took these photos, the sun was shining in all its brilliance.  I was inside with a young student and the minute she went out the door I grabbed my coat and camera and headed for outside....
By the time I got out, it looked like this.   Humph.  
 Well at least I went out .... I need to play tricks on myself to make myself go out the door.  It's not agoraphobia, it's just getting absorbed in something else.  And once outside, it's fine.

The flowering currant is holding its own in the wind.   I love this plant.  Such a shame you can't bring it inside.  It smells of tomcat spray ... not nice.  So we have to go to it :)  Clever plant.

Indoors, my "Christmas" cacti are a bit confused.
Look at the bloom on this one - isn't it beautiful?   I put it up on top of a cupboard months ago and the poor thing hardly ever gets watered and look what it's done.

And the second one has dozens of buds... It'll be in full bloom for Easter.
I guess pink is dominant at the minute.

The community choir had a performance today - for the senior citizens luncheon club - all the pensioners joined in with some of our rounds and it sounded lovely.  Everyone went home smiling.  Well proud of all my singers.

If you're taking part in the A to Z challenge have lots of fun :)

If not, how's your week shaping up?


  1. Hey Fil! Shame about both the sun AND fleur des cat pee! Well done on the choir, that is lovely to hear!x

  2. That happened to me on Sunday. There was a funky looking 'flat' rainbow in the bay while I was walking the dog (it looked like someone had sat on it!) but by the time I got in and grabbed my camera it had disappeared.

    Perhaps your 'Christmas' cactus is blooming to try and draw attention to itself in order to get you to water it. ;-)

    1. Hahaha you made me laugh outlaid Click - I can just picture the poor wee plant trying to catch me by the hair, dying got thirst.... OK, I'll go water it now :)
      Shame about the rainbow

    2. I've just noticed all the typos in that ... out loud!!!!! dying OF thirst ... phugh!! Autocorrect at its worst.

  3. Cacti do seem such strange plants - someone once told me treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen - maybe lack of water makes them flower? I'm not good with indoor plants and am battling to keep an orchid alive a lovely neighbour gave me when we moved in - any hints appreciated!

    1. The orchid is brilliant for my system of planting ... just ignore them and give them very little water - maybe once a fortnight and they will last longer. They like heat too a sunny window is good.

  4. Week is shaping up great. Thanks for asking and for sharing the photos of flowers and landscape. I know just what you mean about having to force yourself outdoors, especially when it's cold and grey.


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