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Sunday 3 May 2015

May Rain

There's been rain on and off all day today - the sort of very comforting Spring rain that is soft and washes everything.  Yesterday was a different story - colder than the coldest day of winter, but at least the garden got well watered and we got a rest in front of the fire and the tele.  

A low cloud lay down on the Cooleys

 And water droplets are lying on all the flowers.   The bluebells are out in profusion now.

This is my father's time of year.   The time I wrote about in I Still Think of You Sometime.

The heron didn't spot me for a while - standing so still.

 I must have turned around for second and away he went.

This has been a tough week on the heels of a tough month and I've been feeling very poorly as a result of it.   Too much energy spent that needs to be recouped.  Nature has helped by bringing such a deluge.   Starting to feel a bit better now and ready to get back into things tomorrow - I've a wee trip to Australia planned for the morning - we're booking a tour for there for next March and there are lots of things to organise.  I wander off in my mind to the country we're going to with the help of a map and start to imagine where each person is who needs to be emailed.   It's like a mini adventure :)

I've been falling behind at visiting all your lovely blogs and answering the comments you've left here.   Please bear with me.   Normal service may take a while to resume but we'll get there :)
I hope you have a lovely week whatever you're doing.


  1. I always associate soft rain with the Irish. Such a lovely idea. We are supposed to get rain in the next 24 hours. Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly. Sounds like you need to rest and relax for a while.

  2. Poor you, so sorry to hear you are not well. Exciting about Australia though! So nice to read the blog of a pro musician who does these exciting things but still takes the time to visit the blogs of other ordinary people!
    The images are beautiful and oh, your song is beautiful! Are you on vocals and the broken chord guitar- that's gorgeous!!x

  3. As you know, this is my favourite song of yours - so beautiful in its words and melody. My DD is heading home from Australia at the end of this month and she is currently taking a tour up the East coast where she is finding that the natural sights far outshine the cities she has visited and stayed so far :) I am sure the nature around you will help you relax if you take the time to enjoy it like you obviously did with your camera for this post.

  4. Lovely to have a day of soft rain and gives you some down time to recover. Sometimes we need those reminders when we have overdone things.

  5. I hope you are feeling better...
    I can see that the bluebells really appreciate the rain.
    I love the song.
    A trip to Australia...good for you, Fil!


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