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Thursday 3 September 2015

August Scavenger Hunt

I've been finding it hard focussing this past while - always too many things catching my attention - my brain is getting more like a magpie as I get older - 'Oh look!  Shiny thing!"
So I thought it'd be fun to join the Scavenger Hunt for August for some photo prompts that might actually make me focus on one thing.   (If I can ever can find the hash key on this laptop.)  Got it.

Thanks to Jill (Greenthumb) at Made with Love who puts these together! Please pay a visit to the links to see more.
And thanks to Kezzie for introducing me to this.  Kezzie, I don't where you get your energy from :)  But thank you :)

August's List

Most of these photos were taken during our recent trip to the North Coast  - in and around the Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The grand causeway at the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

I love the way the spit forms parallel lines at low tide  - Carlingford Lough

The stones at the Giant's Causeway are 4, 7 or 8 sided
I always thought they were all hexagons!

These beech trees were planted 250 years ago and form a hedge across the road ... 
The patterns they make speak diversity to me - all shapes and sizes.

These caves under the cliff along the Antrim Coast Road had people living in them at one time and during Penal times they were used as hedge schools.


This idea of a window box is fabulous
A bow made out of a car tyre - fabulous


A new cafe I found in Enniskillen - great coffee, veggie food, and this sign up in the loo!

A step back in time
I remember the pump in the village where I grew up
It was a communal meeting place 

(waiting til the cows come home!)

We were just getting out of the car one evening when I spotted this herd of cattle heading home for the milking.  It was hard to capture them all - they came along three paths, all in single file.   The procession seemed to go on for ages.   Really made me smile.


Back to the Giant's Causeway - and the volcanic stones
It's like a mystical landscape

All the males at my friends 60th party ... and there were twice as many females.  
A great night's fun.

Whatever you want
This little boat looked so peaceful all tied up and floating on its own.

This was a real challenge - I'd love to take part in more of them, but I'd need to get my organised head on straight.  This might actually help!! Thanks Jill.


  1. So many great photos here. Love the tyre bow, the fab name of the café was perfect and what a happy snap of all the fellows at the party. Hope to see you next time!

  2. I loved this post, these beautiful pictures! Really amazing, and the cows' procession was my favorite, sooo cute! I also loved the bow made of tyre and so many things! It's a riddle for me, too - where does Kezzie find all her energy! Fabulous!

    1. Those cows were just class weren't they :)

  3. These are just brilliant!!! The tyre bow was a super spy and the rough roadside in Antrim looks scarily like it is headed southwards!!
    I'm so hoping to see the Giant's causeway next Summer! Yay for joining in.
    I'm not sure where the energy comes from-my house is a mess though so I'm.not spending time being house proud and doing chores!! X

    1. Good on ya for ignoring the house work - makes me feel more normal - if it wasn't for my students coming into the house, it'd never get tidied lol
      Good point about the caves heading southwards!

  4. What a great post, love your photos/finds.x

    1. Thanks Michelle - lovely to meet you :)

  5. Welcome and thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, what a great group of photos. I really like your photos of bow, whatever you want and walk. Greenthumb

    1. Thanks Jill - lovely to meet you - it was great fun taking part - hopefully I'll manage another one sometime.

  6. I loved the tyre bow too. Funny writing tyre, here it's tire. Enjoyed the pictures.

    1. American spelling wrecks my head Jo - it must be really hard living over the other side of the pond - the words are getting more and more muddled as we go - I'm constantly having to check the right way ...
      I reckon whoever made those bow flower holders must've sold lots of them - or if they haven't already, they should be producing them.

    2. Actually Fil, in Canada it's mostly British spelling, but of course a lot of computers are set to US spelling. I think I use US a lot because I no longer know which is which any more (been here 40 years after all) as for tire/tyre, until I went to type it earlier, I hadn't registered the different spelling until it was underlined as being wrong, then it hit me. Tire doesn't seem wrong to me any more.

  7. What fabulous photos Fil - I loved seeing all of them. The scavenger hunt is such a delightful idea.

  8. Hi I amgoing tojoin this meme this month although i am not sure when Jill puts it on! Anyhow I see you livein N. Ireland,same as i do adn it is so lovely to find another blogger frm the Emerald Isle. I love the way you havve illustrated the words with very apty photographs. I have enjoyed looking for photos for this September meme.


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