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Sunday 13 September 2015

Hokey Kokey Politics

Storming Castle the seat of the Northern Ireland Executive
Now they're out, then they'll be in, then they'll be out again.  That's how the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) are going to bring down our devolved government because the powers that be in London won't play their game and suspend Stormont.  So they've resigned their politicians, then they're going to renominate them next week, then they're going to have them resign again .... until matters are resolved ... to their liking.


So are we .. Very

Let me explain in simple terms what's been happening here, as far as I can understand it.

We have power sharing in Northern Ireland - in theory.   Unionist and Nationalist (supposedly) working together.
Now, the police have suggested that a recent murder was committed by someone associated with the IRA, and people involved with the IRA are associated with Sinn Fein, the main Nationalist/Republican party here.   So the Unionist politicians refuse to carry on working with the Nationalists until this is cleared up.  Fair enough.  Talks are due to start on Monday, but the UK government won't do as the DUP ask so they're not going to be at the table - therefore the talks will be null and void.

This is coming on the heels of months and months of these same politicians not being able to agree on a budget, on how to deal with welfare and various other issues.  In fact it appears to the rest of us that they are not able to agree on anything.  It's like watching a group of children in the schoolyard - that's my ball and I'm not letting you play with it so I'm not going to talk to you anymore because you touched it!

It is sooooooo frustrating to watch.

For sure we do not want a return to paramilitary rule here.   I will leave if we return to that terror.  But by the same token we do not want to be ruled by one party who are holding everyone to ransom with schoolyard tactics, because they and their counterparts cannot compromise.

One political commentator suggested that we are suffering from the politics of conflict.  All these elected representatives are carrying the burden of the past.   We need young people who don't have that past in their psyche who can worry about basic needs of a people.  But those same young people that we need, are being driven out of the country by the carry on - it's a total status quo.   The universities are having to cut places due to lack of funding (bad management on the part of our politicians); young people have to leave to get work (companies laying off workers and new investment not coming our way due to the unsettled situation among other things) and on and on.

Our politicians have brought us to the world's notice many times in the past and all for the wrong reasons.  It's time they learned how to be grown ups.

And the worst part of all this, these people are still being paid!  Can you believe it!

Sorry for the rant, but I'm guessing that our news isn't making most international, even British, news channels.  So I thought it was my duty as an ordinary member of the public to have my say. After all, we've had years of being afraid to speak.


  1. Hi Fil - yes we've had quite a lot of coverage here. I don't fully understand ... but certainly the youngsters think us oldies should forget our differences and just get on with things ... some of the old timers can't seem to do that.

    With the new labour leader here and the SNP in Scotland .. the times are a-changing ... I pass on making more of a comment - but I am watching from the sidelines.

    There's a lot going on in the world ... so I am very glad I'm not a politician, or in politics ... and can get on with making the most of my life - and we're lucky we can move around ... cheers Hilary

  2. As I get older and I am now into my sixties. . . (only in body I have the mind of a hedgehog or was it a rabbit . . . and folk say I'm going mad) it appears to me that more and more politicians put themselves first and the masses second. Too many of them seem to be angling for there little place in history. I guess this is why many see a little glimmer of hope in the new Labour Leader.

    I really dont know what the solution to Northern Ireland is, so many folk are still point scoring from both the recent past all back to several hundred years ago.

    Maybe one day it will all be sorted. . .

  3. I hate politics and generally I hate the people who practice them. I think Rob is right, they look out for themselves and not the people they represent.

  4. Yes, I agree with you all - they're definitely mostly in it for themselves.

  5. I am very glad that you shared the news here, as a fan of Northern Ireland that I am. Obviously, it's much more than being a fan, it's about daily life, daily lives there that are not being heard, taken for granted. I'm graduated in Political Sciences and then we see how dirty it all is. It's definitely schoolyard practices, with narcissism deeply involved in all they do, and what for? For their own needs and purposes. If politicians didn't have a voluptuous salary, they wouldn't run for elections. Give them a loaf of bread, horrible taxes to cope with, untreated water and animosity all over and let's see how they would manage to live. It's disgusting to read about them - you are so right, the news didn't make to the world, unfortunately. I hope all is solved soon!

  6. I had no idea this was happening (no tv, radio or reading of papers!) but it sounds blooming ridiculous! Why can't they just behave themselves!?x

  7. I have to confess, I hadn't realised the extent things were getting to over in your neck of the woods. I think everything political has been focusing too much on the new Labour leader over the past few months. How very frustrating that the police can't be dealing with the breaking of laws whilst the politicians get on with MAKING the laws and a better tomorrow - no wonder there is still an exodus of youth.


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