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Saturday 21 November 2015

Motorways, charity shops and too many goodbyes

OK!  I have to have a rant!  What is going on with the motorways in England?   And who’d commute these journeys every day ?  It’s unbelievable.  It’s now official.  I hate the M6!! Forecasters are saying that there will be another 10 million people living in England by 2020.  How is anyone going to move and get anywhere??? Some re-thinking is needed.
Phew – I feel better after that lol

We’ve just finished 3 lovely gigs - first off in the Red Lion Folk Club in the Black Heath area of Birmingham and stayed with the delightful Della and her husband Chris who's fabulous old house is like Aladdin's Cave - I want to have a week long holiday there.   
Tom, Della, Chris and myself in Birmingham

Then a great night in the Topic Folk Club on Thursday night – the longest continually running folk club in the world apparently.   Great songs from the floor singers and a wonderful audience for us to perform to. And finishing up the run last night we were at the folk club in Bollington - again, wonderful singers, great local songs and a very willing-to-sing audience which is always a huge bonus.  

Rahel and Tony at the Topic

I love hearing floor singers at folk clubs - the standard is always very high, with lots of original songs and regional traditional songs.   It's like having a run of mini history lessons about various localities and much more interesting to me than visiting museums.  

On our way down from Yorkshire to Lancashire we visited an old friend who sadly is very very unwell with cancer.  So sad.  I often feel afraid to contact people, thinking they won’t want to hear from me, but being self conscious is so selfish -  it made her happy to get a surprise visit and we were both so happy to have seen her. 

Sitting on the motorway and looking at all the traffic and all these people in their little tin boxes driving up and down these crazy roads, some of them commuting for 3 hours each way during the day, I think to myself that we have chosen a path that has blessed us.  We say goodbye too many times and sometimes I wonder who won't be there when next we're through this way.   But I was reminded on this trip to think about all the lovely hellos and don't dwell on all the goodbyes.  
Anyway, on a lighter note – in Birmingham on Wednesday I paid a quick visit to Off the Scales which is a not for profit shop mainly selling vintage clothes and shoes - it was suggested by Vintage Vixen - I got myself a fabulous coat for just £18 – not vintage, but I'm delighted with it nonetheless.   More charity shopping will be on the cards if we can fit in another hour somewhere.

And finally, a few things that were posted on my Facebook page this week - 
Firstly just for Kezzie, I had to share it with you J

And this fabulous video mash up to a very modern funky song - I can't seem to embed it, but here's the link - Fred Astaire dancing to Uptown Funk :)

Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.  I"m off to share a glass of wine or three with my lovely cousins. 

What have you been at for the weekend?  I hope it's lovely. 


  1. Every now and again I do drive along the M6 at Birmingham and it is not nice. Apparently the new variable speed limit should help keep the traffic moving. But I will try and stay hidden in the Shropshire hills as much as possible.

    Playing Music has been proven to be one of the best things you can do to keep the brain working . . .

  2. Hi Fil - oh gosh .. the roads are awful ... and the M6 probably has to be the worst ... living in the south - I don't get there often! Travelling ... I make a plan to hit the roads at the most convenient and easy times ... makes life easier.

    Love the idea of your coat - sounds good ...

    While visiting your friend with cancer - yes essential to do that sort of thing - how often we don't til it's too late - so that was a very necessary and clever move.

    Enjoy the time with your cousins ... and see you here anon! Cheers Hilary

  3. I know, the roads around here are truly awful, my daily commute to Birmingham (9 miles away) sometimes used to take me 2 hours on the bus!
    Glad you got to visit your friend and that Off The Scale proved as good as I'd heard! xxx

  4. Ha, love that cartoon!!! Indeed our hearts ARE big! Your coat sounds good and I'm.glad you could visit that friend. know exactly what you mean about feeling selfconscious though!!!Xx


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