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Sunday 1 November 2015

Scavenger Hunt October 2015

Scavenger Hunt

Today is the start of the Celtic New Year - All Soul's Day.  I wish you all the blessings of the season.
It's been a lot harder getting time to blog regularly so this monthly scavenger hunt is a great way of reflecting on the month just passed.  A huge thank you to Greenthumb from Made with Love for hosting it.   If you have time, go on over the link and see some of the fabulous photos that the other participants put up.  It's a fantastic way of getting a peak into lives in different corners of our beautiful planet. 

The first half of October has been spent on the road, finishing up our European tour.  
It was a very enjoyable and successful trip, meeting up with lots of friends old and new, playing in a huge variety of venues - churches, clubs, an aircraft hangar!!, small theatres, and house concerts.

When we eventually made it home on the 19th, the adrenaline hit the bottom and the cold I'd been carrying started to do really well for itself - in fact it's still doing well!   But it has been lovely to be home and get my choirs started back singing again, preparing for the C word..  

So without further ado, here's my contribution for October's list.

Are you looking at me?  We spotted this chap down in Co. Cork when we stopped off for a walk in Baltimore Forest on the day of our last gig of the tour.


I love my friend Kanne's creamy white decor - this is in Denmark - we did a house concert in the room at the back 

Here in the North of Ireland we have miles but in the south it's Kilometres.  During our trip we drove just over 6000 kms - that's about 4,300 miles I think.  - nearly every day was governed by how far we needed to drive that day or how far to the nearest rest stop or lay-by.  kilometres are great - they go by so much quicker than miles!


Driving in to Luxembourg, we passed this town hall, salle de fëte - a communal hall that can be rented for a small amount for family gatherings right through to big functions.  
I love the lattice work on these kind of buildings.


Back in Ireland again - I loved the shades of Autumn here in Galtymore Forest.  In fact Autumn was beautiful everywhere we drove.

On the ferry over from mainland Germany to Hallig Hooge.   The cabin is below the water line and it felt like looking in to a washing machine as we left the port. 


on the ferry home


In the Mournes in Co. Down


There's lots of graffiti along the sides of the German motorways - mostly on bridges.   They fascinate me ... I was driving at this point and I kept wakening Tom up to get some snaps for me and this one popped up just at the right time.  If you look to the left of the word Muse, it's written on the other side of the fence - It beats me how they manage to do that. 


Some of the Bonn folk club audience in the middle of the caravans and other Bed and Breakfast spots at Camp Base - easily the weirdest place we've ever played - read more about it here. 


German motorways under constant construction... I loved the registration of the car in front of us - don't scream, don't rant, don't get annoyed at sitting so long behind me?

Whatever you want
At the Nature reserve in Storkow Germany ... I loved the colours of this wee fella and the water around him.
Here's the list for November's Scavenger Hunt if you fancy joining in.

November's List

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Whatever you want


  1. What a wonderful post, Fil! It's so interesting to be able to follow along in your journeys. That was a lot of miles!! Your friend's home is gorgeous. I would have loved to have been there for your house concert! Your Galtymore Forest is beautiful and taking a walk there would be like a dream come true. I have Irish roots and used to think a lot about traveling there. I'm sorry to hear that you're not well. I hope you can get rested and get back to feeling yourself very soon. Thank you for sharing and the scavenger hunt looks like fun. Happy Celtic New Year and best wishes to you in the months ahead.

    Tamara <3

  2. Your ring is brilliant Fil!!! Such a mysterious image! I really like the clear, sloshing waters under the duck too and your questioning sheep!!!x

  3. Lovely to see your photos and learn about your recent travels ~ that way we are able to see photos from your tour in different parts of Europe :) Your ring photo does indeed resemble a washing machine...I hope the trip didn't make you feel like you were inside one ;) Now that you are home, which also looks like a wonderful spot, I hope your cold clears up quickly and your back to feeling A+... I'm off to click on your links..

  4. well how wonderful to know of about blogger from Northern Irelannd and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Well, i see fromyuor photographs yu travel a lot with yuor job and it is fantastic to see all these different places as youo fit them into this meme. I did laugh at the ;ring' one. it is brilliant. Loved the Moures and Mallards shots as well as Gallymore forest. Great sheep but better left on that sid of the gate, I'd say. I could do with your help as I have to learn a song for Thursday as an Extra for filming at Crumlin Goal!!! Hope they don't keep me in!!

  5. It's my first time participating. We were in Ireland and Germany in September.

  6. Wonderful photos of lovely trip.
    I am glad you had a great tour!

  7. Beautiful photos - it's always fun travelling a bit with the Scavenger Hunt! I love the creamy white Danish dining room, and the photo from County Down.

  8. Lovely interpretations - the porthole was fascinating. Oh and the dining room - splendid.

  9. Wonderful to get a glimpse of your busy month on the road. So glad it went well - sounds full on though, can understand why you've come home with a cold. Lovely photos - especially like Ring, and the shots of Northern Ireland. Just back from visiting family in County Down.

  10. Hi Fil - you have been doing loads ... I like learning about Hooge - interesting to see new places ... love the photos too ... cheers Hilary

  11. Wonderful photos of your travels and at home. I love the ring photos through the ferry window and the creamy Danish interior:)

  12. Super photos taken on your travels Fil, very interesting to read about also. Your friend's decor is very tasteful and I loved the porthole shot. You've captured the reflections around the duck beautifully.

  13. What a wonderful collection of photos, Fil, so varied and beautiful. I really can't pick a favorite I appreciated the commentary too. I didn't realize (or perhaps I have forgotten) that November 1st was the Celtic New Year, and I didn't know that you used miles n Northern Island. Thanks for sharing these lovely shots of your travels and homeland.

  14. What fabulous photos - and I loved hearing the little tales behind them. Hope you get some needed rest now that you're home and feel better soon.


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