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Monday 19 October 2015

Camp Base Bonn

Bonn Folk Club meets on the first Friday of every month.   IT's mainly a platform for local acts to perform and then if a touring artist is in the area and free they'll do the main guest spot.
Their normal venue was busy on 2nd October when we visited so they had to move for the night and ended up in this place - Camp Base.

If you are ever looking for an unusual place for Bed and Breakfast then this is it.

Take one abandoned aircraft hangar, fill it with caravans, camper vans, railway carriages, a couple of buses, bits of planes and a few other ingenious sleeping places - tart them all up - and hey presto, beds for the night.

To sing in acoustically, this place was a nightmare - I had a proper hissy fit when we first went in to the stage and then I just shrugged my shoulders and said "whatever, let's get on with it".   You couldn't hear people talking from the stage beyond the first couple of rows, but you could plainly hear their guitars and hear them singing at the bar at the other end of the building!

But it turned out to be a great night and I met a lot of people that I have only met before either on email or Facebook or blogging.

So here's a feeling of Camp Base, Bonn.

 This railway carriage has 30 or 40 beds in it ... there's another one outside the hangar as well.

A ski lift carriage

And the best of all .... a Trabant with a tent on top!!   Two beds in it - the cheapest price for the night - just €24 per person per night. There used to be an Irish traditional band called Upstairs in a Tent - I wonder had they been here.

 The view from the stage at the end of the night when the audience were starting to leave.


  1. Hi Fil - what a clever idea for a BandB ... so glad you had a happy cheerful and successful time - lovely meeting new friends .. cheers Hilary

    1. Really unusual place Hilary - it won some award for innovation this year. Can't see either of us in the tent though lol

  2. How funny! This place sounds brilliant if not quite acoustically ideal!x

  3. Wow... what an interesting B&B ! It would be worth visiting just to get to know the folks who use this space. Very eclectic ;)

  4. Goodness what a curious B&B - I got a bit overwhelmed just looking at it. I can't quite imagine anything like a peaceful night's sleep. :-) Glad you were able to have playing and meeting folks - sounds like a fun time.


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