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Friday 19 March 2021


 Joining in with Kates's weekly photo scavenger hunt today.   And the prompt is


I'm afraid I don't often see sunrise - not after the end of January anyway -  so only evening pics for this prompt.  

We get an extra 2 minutes of daylight every day from now until the Summer Solstice - recently I was talking to some Australian friends who were astonished by how quickly we've moved from dark to light when it was all feeling so gloomy for them before Christmas.   I've loved taking the time to notice this past year - to see the changes and yes, to notice how quickly we move back into wonderful light evenings - having dinner now without closing the curtains. 

As I don't have many pics of sunsets from this year I took a wander back through some previous years and we had some spectacular skies - winter sunsets are just beautiful ( and a couple of summer ones too). 

March 2021

Beautiful days and freezing cold evenings still, but the light is gorgeous.

March 2020

Those red skies are so exciting to see - 

must have been a good week at the start of lockdown last year

March 2018

Cold and misty - I love those evenings.

March 2017

Another fiery sky.   

March 2016 - The Gold Coast just south of Brisbane and a few days rest time. 

March 2016 - travelling from Tullamore, NSW

Big skies and such a defined horizon.

March 2016 again - travelling from Melbourne to Canberra by bus

not quite sunset but almost...

March 2015

Almost dark - I remember that year - the local papers were full of fabulous sunset photos.  

Thanks for wandering down March memory lane with me.   I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's photos ... Check out the other interpretations of this prompt HERE.  


  1. Glad I'm not the only one with no sunrise pictures! Your pictures are a great way to start a dull day here, so varied from around the world. Hopefully you can get back to your travels soon.

  2. Lovely pictures but I love your 'Not quite but almost' sunset, its dark skies with the light shining through makes a lovely photograph. xx

  3. I love to see tree branches with no leaves against a beautiful sky. I just read an article about our president being Irish. I hope he's well liked in Ireland too. It's so much more peaceful and sane here in the US now.

  4. I like the 'almost dark' shot but my favourites are the March 2017 and 2020 ones, I do love the reflection of a sunset on water :)

  5. Hi Fil - delightful to see and read ... yes the experience of sunrises and sunsets - and also the dawn 'brewing' with bright colours ... branching out across the expanse of the skies. Loved the thoughts - all the best - Hilary

  6. I am a sunset person too - as I commented on Threads through my Life - getting up early is for the birds!
    Lovely photos xx

  7. No sunrises for us either ... far too early for us 😂. Some lovely photos ... thanks for sharing 😃

  8. Lovely photos, that fiery sky is just gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful views

    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. What a lovely set of sunset memories!


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