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Monday 26 May 2014

Do you vote?

What a strange election this has been - for the first time in my adult life I didn't make it to the polling station before it closed...

All those women who campaigned for us to have a vote a century ago have always been whispering in my ear - "go and use your vote"  

But this time it wasn't that t couldn't be bothered - I was away and didn't get back in time, but there was no-one to vote for anyway.   Our wards have changed and not one of our campaigning would be councillors made it down our lane to introduce themselves ...

Here in Northern Ireland we still have tribal politics - one side or the other.    For years it used to annoy me that we had no real say in the Westminster elections, yet we are governed from there - we couldn't decide Labour or Tory and had no influence on the outcome.   But watching the results come in this time, it would not have made one bit of difference ....   Such an overwhelming vote against Europe, right across the continent.   What good will it do?   What changes can be made?

Do you vote?


  1. I vote where I live, because quite frankly, if I didn't vote, I really wouldn't have an effective reason to complain about the lack of intelligent representation representing me.

    Father Nature's Corner

  2. We always voted in the UK. Didn't vote in Canada for years as we couldn't really get a grasp on politics here. However, we do vote nowadays. Very anti governments of all kinds anyway.

  3. I became a US citizen mainly so I could vote. I knew from cousins back in Sweden about this vote in Europe, but had forgotten about it. Now I will go and read the Swedish papers to get their take on what happened.

  4. HI Fil .. I did vote .. and Europe is important ... but it's a mish-mash - still I'd rather have someone from one of the main parties than an outside - who I don't trust ..

    But we shall see - Politics has to change ... and now we have Scotland ... interesting times ... if you couldn't get back I can understand you not voting ... cheers Hilary


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