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Thursday 15 May 2014

Morning pages

I love writing morning pages ...

To sit and let my thoughts work themselves out on the page - sorting the confusion of too many commitments into a manageable mess, like combing out the knots in my hair.

It's hard to get time alone to do this sort of practice when we're away on tour - I pack my journal in the vague hope that if I spot it, the time will magically appear.  But it rarely does.  And I don't seem to need it as much at those times anyway.

But it's like having a massage for my brain, when I get back home, to sit down, and be quiet.

So this afternoon I got an hour writing outside in the garden - the birds are going full throttle - no sore throats or stage fright there .... There's one particularly noisy guy who sounds like he's shouting, ME! ME!  ME! COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!  I'M OVER HERE!  And the rest are just chattering away unperturbed by his warblings.   I wish I could learn to tune out the chatter of other voices quite so easily.

and not forgetting fuchsia, she has to get in for a wee dance.
My sunglasses have some filter in them that highlights the colours - the grass looks greener and the blue bells look bluer against that backdrop.    And the white of the hawthorn, the May bush, sits in contrast to both.   Do you know the saying "Never cast a clout til May is out"?   Well it refers to the hawthorn - the blossom is called the May  - not the month of May.  

This garden gets precious little attention, but it does it's own thing and the reward is to be allowed to sit in it for a quiet hour on a sunny afternoon.  I feel like I'm home now.

How's your week going?  I'll be back tomorrow to get caught up on reading everyone else's blogs and do a bit of commenting.


  1. I'd never before heard the expression about not casting a clout. :-) Life does get too hectic. I wonder how any of us manage to create anything. Why is it so hard to find some soul time to connect with the inner creator?

    Hope you get some of that time, Fil! And get some garden time, too. :-)

  2. I remember that saying, not heard it in many a year. Weather has been too unpredictable here to much sitting outside or casting any clouts.

  3. Hi Fil .. I know the saying - I'll be interested to see what the weather does to us this year ... and the gardens are just glorious in this sunshine. However after your touring .. I can imagine you need time and space to be yourself ...

    I've been busy too .. lots happening and being thought about .. have a great weekend .. cheers Hilary

  4. Fil, Love that photo, and sitting in that garden listening to the birds sing sounds like the perfect place to write! Love it.

  5. Writing outside is great! My laptop screen doesn't seem to do very well in the sun, I end up squinting. I guess I could old-school it with a pen and notepad...

  6. House finches nest outside my window and as I sit at my computer, they are giddy with song. I saw two of them chase a big raven away the other day. I love my mornings too.


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