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Thursday 18 August 2016

In the garden

Look what showed up in our garden yesterday morning.  Pass no remarks on the fact that the grass isn't cut - I'm so glad it wasn't.  Since our cats passed on the wildlife has gradually been steadily increasing here and this was a delight although I'm quite sure that our neighbour across the field won't be best pleased to see such a visitor in the vicinity of his chickens.

I've never seen a fox up this close - but this one was very young.   Tom had just put out some stale bread for the birds and he helped himself and just wandered around for about 15 minutes.  

This top photo is a bit blurry - shooting through the kitchen window - but I love it :)  

Things continue to be very busy here and we're both getting fed up that admin work and other commitments leave us no time for our creative pursuits.   But it's a holiday weekend here so all the offices are closed until Wednesday and then we're into the festival next weekend, so at last there'll be some end to all of this.

I've never worked in a regular workplace for very long - I think 10 months was the longest.   As a result, time management or how to prioritise things are not among my skill set.   So I have this really incapacitating tendency to carry everything in my head - jobs that don't need doing for another 6 months are lumped in with things that needed to be done first thing this morning.  Once I start working on booking a tour there are immediate responses needed and it would be so good to learn how to park all the other stuff and get a good night's rest and have some clear headedness for writing and creating!  Any good tips would be most welcome.

Have a great weekend.



  1. How exciting you happened to have your camera and get this shot! and what fun to see this fox in your yard!

  2. Yup, can't help with the work, but great to see the fox. By the way, I recently read you shouldn't feed birds with bread. Not good for them.

  3. What a fantastic photo!

    Hope he's a regular visitor to you. :-)

  4. Coo pic!

    Did you ever give some thought to using a simple three ring binder notebook to keep track of those various duties that you need to do? I have something similar at work, in that I use in-baskets for stuff that needs to be looked at with varying degrees of immediacy.

    Father Nature's Corner

  5. So much fun to see a fox in the yard! Great pictures.

  6. I love a fox, we keep a large amount of our garden wild for them to live in (at least, that's my excuse!).
    Great photos. xxx

  7. Hi Fil - the youngsters are wonderful to look at ... lots down here too.

    The best thing is to write down the night before the urgent things to be done in the morning ... I'm not good at that - I'm like you ... carry things around in my head - but I'm getting there!

    As and when you need a break - do some housework, or washing or a little change and then back to the serious stuff ... cheers and good luck with it all - the Festival will be lovely .. cheers Hilary

  8. Oh how wonderful to have a fox visitor Fil! And I'm so glad you got photos to share - makes my heart happy.

    I often start the day, especially when my mind is roiling with demands by folding a sheet of paper into three columns. In the first I put "have to do today" and in the second goes "later", and in the third is space for the other misc thoughts that come up. Having it down on paper helps me, and I absolutely delight crossing stuff off - a mini celebration each time. But my very best fantasy is having what I call a "life smoother" who will take care of all the little details for me so I can spend my days doing only what I love and am good at. :-)


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