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Wednesday 31 August 2016

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Joining in today with Hawthorn's monthly scavenger hunt.   I love this challenge of putting pictures to her words.   Go and check out the link and play along if you fancy joining in and have a look at all the other wonderful photos from around the world.  

That was a great day for hanging around drying your wings!


The Janus Figure on the Boa Island in Co. Fermanagh
The Celts believed the soul resided in the head
so the head and eyes are proportionately larger than the body.
I have a post coming up about this later on.


Sinead playing the button key accordion at a traditional session earlier this month

We passed this house in Australia earlier this year
I wanted to see inside but didn't think it'd be polite to go and ask


Feet firmly planted waiting...

The Henrietten Kirche in Annahuette, Germany.
Many churches in Germany multitask as arts centres.
We played  here earlier this yearend every couple of years and I love the stained glass.  

The fields up the Mournes always look like a patchwork to me

OK, this is a tenuous link to floor, but it's about walking so ....
I wrote about Poetic Action in a post earlier this week
but hadn't managed to get a picture of this one in time. 

My first attempt at wet felting and I'm absolutely beside myself
with the excitement of achievement :)
I've turned it into a holder that I can hang on my microphone stand on stage
for my constantly disappearing plectrums and capos 

My own choice
My passion flowers have bloomed constantly for the past 6 weeks and were just beautiful
- on a north facing wall that gets very little sun, no attention and hardly any water. 
With thanks to Hawthorn for organising the monthly Scavenger Hunt. 


  1. Such unusual photos and from all over the place! My favourite is the wet felting bag; I've done a little bit of felting and have plans to do more but being retired I do not have the time!

  2. Ooh what a wonderful selection of stories and pictures, I love seeing the different interpretations inspired by the list. my favourite is the image of the Janus Figure on the Boa Island in Co. Fermanagh, thank you for joining in x

    1. thank you for the challenge - it's great fun thinking laterally :)

  3. I looove your posts, the Scavenger hunt! I loved the German church with stained glass, loved the "eyes" and am looking forward to the post about the soul and Celts and I loved the Australian house - yes, it would be weird to ask to see it inside... but the curiosity remains! We used to have an accordion in the family, I loved it! What I am amaaaazed is the wet felting - I loved what you made, would love to know how to do it too! Hope you have a nice day, dear Fil!

  4. Hi Fil - lovely mix of photos .. so much fun to see and across the continents .. well 2! But countries ... the German church is stunning - wonderful stained glass I agree. Interesting too about the Janus figure ... but Ireland ... oh your Ireland ... cheers Hilary

  5. Beautiful photos linked nicely to the words. I love the Australia photo with the "house"and like you I would have wanted to have a look inside.
    Anna xx

  6. I love your interpretations of the prompts. :-)

    And congratulations on your first go at felting. It looks great.

    1. It was so much fun Cait and really relaxing ... loved it.

  7. As one who once taught wet-felting, I have to say that your little bag is adorable ! And it has a great purpose ! I haven't been around much, but am trying hard to visit all of my international (internet) friends. Just me, dropping in to say 'Hello' to you ;)

    1. HI Sharron - Lovely to hear from you ... Hello back to you :)


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