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Thursday 15 October 2015

On the way home

Saying goodbye to Denmark,
Molly thought we were there to play with her!!
After nearly a month on the road, we're nearly back home.   The ferry gets back in to Ireland in another couple of hours, then it's one more concert in Co. Cork and up to the North on Saturday.

We've driven almost 6000 kms (about 3,700 miles), been through France, Germany, into Denmark, back down into Luxembourg, had lunch in Belgium on the way to the ferry and now back to Ireland.   Not once did we spot another right hand drive car until we pulled up at check in last night.

We've played 13 concerts in churches, theatres, clubs, pubs and houses and even in an aircraft hangar - met old friends all over the place and made many new friends.   Practised our French and Germany, learned a few words in Danish and were impressed by the Luxemburgers who as a matter of course speak 3 languages, oh and plus English naturally!   Many of them speak 5 languages seamlessly.

We've kept company with cats and dogs as well as friends and sold lots of CDs.   All the concerts were really well received and we're well pleased with the tour in general.

Got her to sit down this time - with Kanne from Sommersted, Barney from Kiel and Tom and myself,
bags packed and ready to head down into Germany again
But 3 1/2 weeks is a long time away from home and 6000 kms is a long time sitting down.  We're so fed up with all the roadworks on the German motorways - what a pain - it felt like the whole country is getting a new road surface. I'm looking forward to emptying the suitcase and various bags and seeing what treasures I've brought home - goodies :)   And also to getting a bit more internet time - I've missed reading all your stories and seeing your photos - roaming charges are way too high to be indiscriminate about logging in each day and in people's houses you want to chat rather than work.  

But most of all I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed - a different bed each night, even though they were all comfy and lovely beds, checking the layout of the room before going to sleep in case I need to get up in the middle of the night without tripping over something, becomes a bit unsettling.  However we are now experts on both showers and beds and mattresses  - so if you need any advice about the best ones to get, I'm your man!!

I'll be back with some pictures from the trip in coming weeks - memories for my own historical records department ...


  1. Hi Fil and Tom - yes sitting at the computer is bad enough - getting in the car to travel is fun, but can be a pain in the wot's it!! Enjoy getting home - away from the cold on the continent .. that seems to be splitting its time - so we're relatively 'warm' still. It sounds as though the trip was lots of fun ... congratulations - cheers Hilary

  2. Well done on the tour! That is some serious mileage so I can understand the longing for the terra firma of your own home! So pleased it went well and I look forward to finding out what you did and goodies you brought etc!x

  3. Sounds like a fabulous tour if a tiring one. I cannot imagine dealing with all that driving. I can sympathise with the road works. The town I live in has been rebuilding the roads for a couple of years now and are still at it. Everyone is so fed up. Then our building decided to rip up all the lobby tiles on each floor. Great fun and very noisy. Glad you sold lots of CDs too.

  4. What a trip! I bet you're longing to get home and be amongst familiar things once again. Long distance driving is an absolute killer - I can't drive but Jon complains of being unable to switch off and sleep after a long journey - not what anyone needs when they're dog-tired. xxx

  5. I'm glad you had a fabulous trip, but I celebrate you're nearing home and getting a chance to settle back in again. Looking forward to your photos.

  6. Really amazing, dear Fil! I am glad that you are back home, but also glad that you had such a great time with concerts and sold many CDs! I didn't know that Germany is resurfacing the highways, but well, maybe it was urgently needed. I know what you mean - next week I will be off and I seldom use internet when traveling. You did it well, chatting with friends is better! I hope that you have a lovely weekend now and relax! You deserve it!

  7. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, though I'm not surprised that you're glad to be home. Going away is always nice, but coming home again afterwards is good too!

  8. This sounds like a great tour and all the better if you sold a lot of CD's. But it is nice to get home after a trip like that.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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