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Monday 20 February 2017

European Tree of the Year competition

Dear Friends,
There is still time to help us out and vote for our Holm Oak which won the NI tree of the year and is now in the competition for European Tree of the year.   You have to give 2 votes when you register and even if you give us your second vote it will help us tremendously. Voting closes on 28th February.  

The Holm Oak in Kilbroney Park in Rostrevor won NI Tree of the Year.
It is now one of the contenders for European Tree of the Year,
 the winner of which will receive money to help protect the old tree and shore it up.  
We are all very proud of our corner of the world and there's an amazing energy in the village to promote tourism.   For many years the North of Ireland was starved of tourists due to our troubled past.   Now gradually the number of visitors is increasing and here it seems that everyone is involved in one way or another in doing things to help out.  Promoted by Light 2000, this tree initiative, in an area of outstanding beauty, is yet one more way to put us on the map.   Please help out.  

I wrote about the Holm Oak, from Old Homer's own perspective here.  

You can vote HERE or at the link at the bottom of the page.  

This is a piece from the Newry and Mourne Tourist Board. 
Did you know in ancient Greece the leaves of the holm oak were used to tell the future and they were also used to make crowns to honour people...?  
If trees could talk we know he'd say, please vote for the #holmoak in Rostrevor! He can't vote himself though - he needs us all to take a moment and vote for him. We could have the best tree in Europe here in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland.  
Please share this plea for votes and ask your friends throughout the world to support our campaign. Thanks 😃 
Voting closes 28 Feb! #Europeantreeoftheyear

Many thanks for your support.


  1. Hi Fil - I tried ... but have given up - I think and am sure I voted before ... good luck - cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you so much Hilary - I think you can only do it once - unfortunately :)

  2. OK voted again. Hope you win

  3. I think I have voted, but it's really great that tourism is coming back! The first time I went to Northern Ireland was in 2003 and I was fascinated! Then I went again other times (when I was living in Dublin) and I wrote on my blog that people should go, cause it's amazing! It's true a place of exceptional beauty - and amazing people! I hope that the holm oak wins! Hope you have a beautiful day, dear Fil! Hugs!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you back this way again Denise :)

  4. Beautiful tree. When I walk through our woods I always say, "If these trees could talk..."


    1. Thanks Cindy - I know, wouldn't they have so much to tell - wonderful. These trees would have been specimens brought here by the Victorians, particularly
      the Queen's ancestors .

  5. Yes - I've voted - didn't know anything about this competition so thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

  6. OOoh, it is gorgeous! Off to vote!!


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