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Friday, 10 February 2017

Five bits of Music Trivia

I'm joining in today with Five on Friday run by Amy at Love Made My Home.

I love useless information :)

I came across some lists a while back in a second hand book shop somewhere and I thought I'd share some of them here ...  So for today's Five on Friday, here's 5 unusual inspirations for well known songs.

This first one made me groan a bit - cover your eyes if you're a vegan

Mother and Child Reunion, Paul Simon
Inspiration:  A chicken and egg dish on a Chinese restaurant menu!!
How ridiculous but brilliant.

Who'll Buy my Memories - Willie Nelson
Inspiration:  The loss of $16 million back taxes to the IRS
That'd make your eyes water - I don't think I'd have any inspiration for a year after that.

All Shook Up - Otis Blackwell
Inspiration:  A bottle of Pepsi
The best known version of this is by Elvis but here's the original

Mony Mony - Tommy Jones and the Shondells,
Inspiration:  The neon sign of the Mutual Of New York insurance building
Love it

Running on Empty:  Jackson Browne
Inspiration: An empty petrol tank
That just makes my heart race but Jackson is one of my all time favourite song writers.

I had to add just one more ....

To Know Him is to Love Him : Phil Spector
Inspiration:  Words on his fathers gravestone.
My favourite version of this song is by Dolly, Linda and Emmylou - heavenly harmonies - But this is the original by the Teddy Bears which was Phil Spector's band - the song went to Number 1 in 1958.

Have a lovely week - I'm taking some time now to look at what everyone else has put up for this week.  If you have time, check out some of the other people participating in Five on Friday or better still, join in.  Thank you Amy for putting this together.


  1. I know it sounds materialistic, but I was like what? The lost of $16 million? Well, I loved the title, "who will buy my memories?" I liked the inspirations. And "to know him is to love him"... sounds so amazing! And don't worry, the chicken and egg dish giving inspiration, why not? Once I was interviewed for a documentary and the first and main question was "whe and where do you find inspiration?" Your post resonates with that - my answer was "anytime, everywhere". I liked the post very much, dear Fil, and I hope you are fine and that you have a very lovely weekend! Hugs!

  2. I know! That one took me to the fair - poor Willie!!! :)

  3. Interesting to read the inspirations for the songs. Just shows inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.

  4. These are really interesting songs!!!! Brilliant idea!
    I hope you are well!x

  5. Happened upon your blog this week and am reading "backwards". Loved this inspirations post. Goes well with my post this week about a Jackson Browne, Glenn Fry song while standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona. Hope you'll come by. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading all your posts to catch up.


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