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Sunday 8 September 2019

A walk in the woods and a new sculpture in the park

Hello all
It was lovely to hear from some of you last week and good to get back to having a bit of space in my head again.  

A new metal sculpture in the Narnia wood
For the record, I spent ages leaving comments over a couple of weekends only to find out that my laptop doesn't like to play with Safari :( and kept none of the comments .... So hello to Kate and all the Scavenger Hunt players for the last couple of months - I loved your photos - Kate always puts up some out of the box words to illustrate with a photo and the challenge is a great way of catching up on the month gone by - my drafts folder is full of *nearly* ready to post posts that didn't quite make it ... maybe this month.
Not sure if I like her but she'll not blow away
like the willow figures

Have a great week - hopefully the Autumn isn't in full swing yet and that there's a bit of sunshine left

Beech nuts in profusion this year


  1. That sculpture is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. It's really dramatic isn't it? - I hope they do a few more.

  2. Hi Fil - what an interesting sculpture - I thought it was two ... but then realised she was wrapped around the tree ... I hadn't realised CS Lewis was from Ulster and your part of the world ... I just checked and found this interesting Guardian article - which I've put here - hope you don't mind ... - it is nearly 14 years old!

    I want to read it properly ... and know where to find it, if it's here. Fabulous place to be able to spend time in - no wonder you enjoy the stimulation of the walks ... cheers Hilary

    1. That's a really good read Hilary ... yes, his association with here is now well established and honoured. And I believe he was friendly too with Tolkien and brought him to visit Rostrevor. There's now a lovely Inn here in the village too which wouldn't have been there when that article was written...
      but I hope his thoughts about the people aren't felt by everyone although it made me laugh - 'The country is very beautiful and if only I could deport the Ulstermen and fill their land with a populace of my own choosing, I should ask for no better place to live in.' I think lots of people have thought that down the years lol Maybe we'll see you over here one of these days :)

  3. Hi Fil - sorry for lack of comms - your blog did not come up on my blog roll so I thought I would come and see what you have been up to - I will also check my blog feed/list and give it a severe talking to!
    That is an amazing sculpture - most unusual.
    Hope to see you again at the end of the month with your words and pictures xxx


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