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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Not good at change

There's so much new stuff to learn all the time these days, particularly to do with computers and various devices.   As a result when I find one thing I like I'm very reluctant to change. 

But, I've finally given in and changed my browser from Safari - for months now I've not been able to leave comments on your blogs from my laptop, but could do it on my computer.   Now it won't play either.   I really don't like using all Google products, or all from any company for that matter, but it's so annoying when you spend ages writing messages and none show up.   So apologies if I've been AWOL and I'll see if Google Chrome performs any better. 

Sat with my mother for an hour on Sunday eating ice cream and looking out at the sea at Bundoran.
The hills of north Donegal were just about visible across the bay
It is still the most calming thing... looking at waves ... love it.

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  1. I also dislike change! I have an old Sony Vaio laptop which my husband DETESTS because it is noisy and slow and also has to live plugged in but I like the Windows 7 operating system and do not want to swap to a new one. Same with my phone which barely supports anything- I can't comment on blogs if anyone else has already commented- it won't show me a comment box!


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