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Monday 2 September 2019

Flying in to September

Hello Blogland friends

I hope you are keeping well.  

It's been ages since I've posted here - life has a habit of getting in the way of things at the minute.   There are several half finished posts waiting for a bit of editing and shuffling around that are now way out of date but they may still see the light of day if I can get a bit of head space.   

Can you believe it's September already - although it feels a bit like Winter here today - at least we're not getting what the poor people in the Bahamas are having to face.  

Yesterday was so different though - in between the showers there was good bouts of sunshine and I got to take the last part of my (last year's) big birthday present - a flight in a Cessna plane!!  Wow - what a fabulous experience and what a wonderful present.   

Strangford Lough from a Cessna plane
We flew from Newtownards down to Newcastle with the Mournes in our sightline - that's what I was aiming for when the pilot let me take the controls - talk about exciting - I'll be grinning for a week.   I was so excited I forgot to take a photo though.

And then back up the Ards Penninsula which is simply beautiful to fly over - lots of wee islands on Strangford Lough, and as the tide was low we got a really good view of the shape of the lough

even spotting a shipwreck....
You can see the ship broken in two here - one half lying out of the water on the bottom right
and the other half up near the shoreline beside the 6 white dots (boats)

 We were so lucky with the weather - a huge cloudburst landed just 2 minutes after us but the whole flight was just perfect.

I've wanted to do this all my adult life but never quite got around to it.   Then for my 60th last year, my lovely choir clubbed together to get it for me - one of the ladies had heard me talking about it one time when we were all talking about things we'd wished we'd done.
 The islands looked like jewels in the water - you know like the big blocks of amethyst you see in crystal shops that have edges that look like they've come out of the water.

I hope you're all keeping well -whether you're heading for Autumn or Spring at the minute - best wishes from Belfast where I'm sitting in a cafe catching up.  


  1. Love the pix and am envious of your birthday present. What a wonderful thing to do for you. The weather has been pretty cool here lately, certainly autumnal if not quite wintery.

    1. Hi Jo, lovely to hear from you - yes, I was thrilled with such a wonderful present. I suppose I'll have to wait til my 70th for the next one lol

  2. Hi Fil - what a very thoughtful generous gesture of the choir ... and obviously a very happy treat - doesn't the land look superb in weather like that. What an amazing inlet Strangford Lough is ... I'd never realised it was there ... so thanks I've had a brief look around at a map.

    Yes our weather is turning ... we have had at times too hot a summer - but really we are lucky with our weather ... now for the 'dreaded (for me) winter wear! Take care and good to see you're still around - cheers Hilary

  3. Nice to see you again, hope we'll be seeing more of you here in blog land. Awesome pictures, and how nice you got to do that right before the end of summer.


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