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Friday 27 September 2019

September in Photos

I started this at the start of September in the hope that I might get to play along this month with Hawthorn's aka Kate's Scavenger Hunt. - a word for a picture, a picture for a word.   The past two months I've been almost there, but not quite .... and here I am on the last Friday rushing around looking for the last couple of photos lol.  So here goes ...


Meet my new grand nephew born at the end of August - this photo is the epitome of cosy to me ... the size of it - awwww.   Unfortunately he lives in Australia so it'll be some time before I meet him, but all are well.

Changing Foliage

I had great plans to photograph a local house that is always covered by a beautiful red climber at this time of the year, but I'm just back from the dentist, thinking I was due for a simple procedure and ended up with a root extraction ...on my birthday!!!!!   So photo forgotten - so this is one I took this week last year up the Fairy Glen


My friend Cat and I went to see the American knitting designer Stephen West at Woollin outside Dublin earlier in the Summer.   He was a hoot, so over the top, and a perfect antidote for me who has to do everything by the book.  
I decided to do one of his patterns - this is The Doodler which was great fun to knit and I know it's more of a shawl than a scarf, but I wouldn't have the nerve to wear it as a shawl, so scarf it is!  And it's a bit out of focus cause the wind just wouldn't keep still for a second.


There are thousands of cob spiders around at the minute and cobwebs everywhere - our house is quite old and if you leave it for a couple of days it's been invaded again.  
But none of the webs are pretty enough - but this is one from last year when the fuchsia were still in full flow


What can I say?   Not my finest hour lol . This should have been a nut crust for a quiche ... oops

My Own Choice

I have to include another pic from my flight at the start of the month - and yes, I'm still smiling about that.   But it's a full year past now since the big birthday ( a year ago today in fact :) ) - this birthday doesn't count for anything other than the fact that I've managed to survive another year.

I thought the islands looked like those big crystals you see - you know where the edges are a different colour - 

So delighted to be playing again - off to visit the other photos now.


  1. Hi Fil - lovely ... the grand looks tiny - amazing they grow into big strapping lads! Love the dissertation round the photos - cobwebs are always delightful to see ... while the islands look like cut (squashed) Kiwi fruits ...

    Hope the tooth heals ... but your beautiful scarf would be a very good wrap around to keep you warm while your mouth recovers from its birthday pull!

    Happy Birthday and have a lovely year - cheers Hilary

  2. Great set of pics. Love the first one & is he by any chance near me?
    That shawl is huge & beautiful. Happy Birthday!!!! A month after mine, but much younger than me.(giggle). Have a lovely weekend & take care.

  3. Love your teeny tiny grand nephew, he certainly does look cosy - definitely an 'awww' photo :) The shawl/scarf looks lovely and I love the colours in the Fairy Glen shot :)

  4. Oh Fil - such lovely images, the sweet wee babe completely swaddled and dwarfed by the seat and the jewels in the sea - gorgeous!
    thank you for joining in xxx

  5. I do love this link up, we all choose such amazing photos and the words that go with them give us a window into the world and life of others. Your shawl is beautiful, I love the combination of the colours. Thos islands look amazing from that angle, just as Kate says, like jewels in the sea.

  6. How I agree with what others have said! Love the scarf (shawl!) but I'd have to wear it as a scarf too. Join the club for your baking photo! What a hoot.

  7. Love the colours in your shawl/scarf and the islands do look like pieces of crystal. Sorry about your birthday treat this year though. Ouch! X

  8. So many lovely photos, except maybe the pie! Your grandnephew looks so adorable all snuggled and certainly cosy.

  9. Lovely selection of pictures again. Your wee grandnephew looks so tiny and precious. I agree about the shawl/scarf. It looks so soft. Your aerial picture is wonderful.

  10. Congrats to the family. A new family member always exciting. What a picture. Your shawl/scarf is amazing. I've watched him a bit on Crafty's, but haven't ever taken one of his classes. The reviews are always interesting in that people often say he's fun to watch, shows lots of his shawls, but they really learn anything from him, as he doesn't really teach very well. You've got some made skills it seems making that. I love it, not sure what the difference would be in wearing it as a scarf vs shawl in terms of being brave enough. But, either way, I'm sure people will admire it. I dislike spiders a lot, but do find webs interesting and artistic when the light hits them right or they have rain or dew on them so you can see them. But, oh how I hate walking through one you don't see.


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