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Friday, 19 February 2021

Unexpected : Are we all sitting comfortably?

Joining in with Kate and friends at  I Live I Love I Am Me  for this week's Scavenger Hunt and the word is 


I had to scratch my head for this one for a while and came up with a boring outcome really although it's one that delights me.

The first unexpected thing was that the delivery arrived early - there have been having problems with receiving post and deliveries to NI since Brexit - this was due in about 2 weeks time but arrived 3 days after being shipped - perfect.  

For ages I've been searching for the perfect studio chair - it had to be comfortable for long periods of sitting for teaching and having meetings on zoom and for recording, it should have no arms for guitar playing and be able to double as a relaxing reading/meditation chair.   A tall order.

But -Ta Da -  the second unexpected thing  -  I finally found it - after months of searching.   

And the most unexpected of all - it fits all the criteria.

It's really comfortable

The arms lift out of the way

and, best of all, it rocks - like a rocking chair.   And I am delighted.  My legs aren't aching at the end of the day and I'm a happy bunny.   Now the other half wants one too.  

I should have guessed it'd be ok - it's made by a German company called SongMics - how perfect is that for a singer who plays with microphones :) 

Heading over now to Kate's site to see what everyone else has found this week.  


  1. What a fantastic looking chair, I'm glad it fits all your criteria and I hope you get many years use out of it :)

  2. That chair looks sooo comfortable. No wonder your other half wants one too. He has chair envy!!! Glad it arrived promptly. 😀

  3. Wow, that chair looks so amazing. I'm not going to show my Beloved it as he'll want one even though he has a perfectly good chair!

  4. That will make a great difference to you I'm surex

  5. That is brilliant! Well worth all the research and what a relief that you received it so quickly :)

  6. I’m so glad it lived up to expectations for you. I must admit we tend to find it’s harder finding the right something when you know exactly what you want ... more so than if you don’t have a clue ..l as most things tend to involve some form of compromise 😃

  7. What a wonderful surprise to find something in the first place & then have it arrive in good time. Enjoy, take care & hugs from down under.

  8. Hi Fil - that looks just wonderful and am so pleased you're so happy with it ... even the Mister - ah well that's life isn't it ... I hope he can get one too. It looks really special and I'm so glad it made it despite Brexit - painful. Stay safe - Hilary


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