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Wednesday 2 April 2014

B is for the Beach

A couple of Bs for you today ....

First a song - Baby Mine from my second album Dreaming many moons ago.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am very fortunate to live beside the sea - we open the gate at the bottom of our garden and we're on the beach.   It's not a very pretty beach ... stony and all the rubbish from the mussel boats gets swept up onto it ... but it's ours and I love it.  It was a childhood dream of mine to live by the water and here we are.

We're on the shores of Carlingford Lough which opens out onto the Irish Sea .... Carlingford Lough incidentally is one of only a couple of fjords in Ireland - (a fjord is an inlet where the mountains run down to the sea) and in our case songs have been written about it for centuries.

The Irish Sea from the top of CloughMor behind our house looking across the water to the Cooley Mountains.
B is also for Border - At night time we see the lights of Carlingford across the water.  Carlingford is in the south of Ireland and we're in Northern Ireland .... Can you see the border running up the middle of the water there!!  The border has been a part of our lives constantly here - no customs now and no checkpoints any more, but if we have to send a letter to those lights over there, we have to send it airmail!!!  go figure!!

During the bad storms earlier over Christmas the tide came right up to the gate ... never seen that before .

But low tide is equally spectacular 

Are you near water?   Does the water inspire you?  Were you affected badly by the weather this Christmas?   And what about borders?   

This is day to of the A to Z Blogging Challenge - read loads of interesting blogs yesterday ... 


  1. Hey Fil... just came across your blog via the A-Z challenge. Loved the location of your house and listening and enjoying the song right now. It's good to discover a new place. I am from India and I am participating with 2 blogs. One of them is a photoblog where I am taking the readers on a photographic journey of Rajasthan, India. I guess you will like it. See you.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Anuradhna - heading over now to go on a journey to Rajasthan :)

  2. I wish I lived so close to the beach. I do find being near the water inspiring and calming. Beautiful pictures and I'm enjoying the song very much.

    Writing from New York State, USA but wishing I could be in Ireland!

    Heather M. Gardner
    The Waiting is the Hardest Part
    Stormy's Sidekick
    Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Co-Host

    1. Hi Heather - lovely to hear from you - New York State is wonderful - I've only seen a small part of it .but it's on the list!

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful place! I live near the beach, near Barcelona. Love the sight of water!!

    1. Oh Barcelona - how wonderful! Another place of my list of cities to see. Thanks for dropping by Marcy :)

  4. What a beautiful blog and stunning pictures. A place in the world I would love to visit, and i'm with you in living by the water...not sure I couldn't have it close by. Also hello to a fellow singer and musician - that's part of why we moved over here - to have the space to create and sing with others.

    1. The Limousin area is beautiful too. We visited Montmorillon last year ... I'm looking forward to following your story :) Are you a part of NVPN?

  5. I'm actually a little weird about water. Whenever I get too far from the coast, I feel trapped. I live fairly close to the water in San Diego, California, although not right near the beach. I do have a specific home on the beach in mind that I'd love to buy someday, if only it would go up for sale! The beach always makes me feel creative.

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