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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Yellow and going to miss Y'all

Day 25 of the A to Z Challenge = Y 

A Y song .... Touch of Your Hand 

Without a doubt my favourite colour is Yellow ... It cheers me up and brings sunshine into the house ... Many years ago I lived in a house with a yellow front door and it cheered me up no end coming home to that house.   

cowslips in the lawn

Right now the garden is full of yellow, 
although blue is starting to take over as the bluebells come into their own.  

Do you remember putting buttercups up to your chin 
to see if you liked butter?  lol

I read somewhere in the past few days to leave dandelions as long as you can in the lawn as it's great food for the bees and butterflies and as it turns to seed the birds get much needed sustenance too...  Sounds like a great excuse to not mow the lawn for a couple of weeks :) 

primroses just starting to go off 

As we near the end of this A to Z challenge I'm going to miss y'all - (sorry for borrowing an Americanism there...) It's been a real challenge, but also a real pleasure to read so much good information, meet so many interesting people and visit so many new places.


  1. Oh yes Fil, I do remember putting a buttercup up to my chin. I did like butter of course. Actually I love to see dandelions against the green of the grass, so pretty. Here they have banned weed killers recently so last year the dandelions were in profusion. I haven't seen bluebells in a long while and I don't think snowdrops exist in Canada.

    1. There was a scare for a while that the bluebells would disappear if climate change caused the temperature to go up because they need to germinate below freezing .... thankfully that hasn't happened yet ... but Canada might be the saviour of them if it did.

  2. I love yellow flowers. They remind me of spring and summer, my two favorite seasons. I used yellow as my word for the last year's A to Z Challenge.

    My relatives say ya'll all the time.

    I don't think we have blue bells in the US, but I could be wrong. The blue bonnet is the state flower for TX. They're a tall blue spike of flowers and grow wild in some places.

    I'm going to hate to see the challenge end too. It was fun meeting new people and reliving old times.


  3. Love butterflies...but I wouldn't want to attract bees to my yard. Those things are bad this year around here. I keep seeing them everywhere!

    1. Glad to hear that there's lots of bees around ... they've been very scarce here- too many pesticides are killing them off - and without them we'll die too :)

  4. Totally agree with you on yellow. My Mother always said yellow is a happy color and people who like yellow are too. We've had so much rain, we can't mow, but need to. But, the longer you leave the dandylions the harder it is to get rid of them and then they spread.

  5. I am completely enamored with flowers and like seeing so many of them with this post. I have wonderful memories about buttercups as a child. Dandelions are a huge blight in Chicagoland where I live but they have some tasty greens and good medicinal roots. Butter yellow is one of my favorite colors for clothing so I share your passion there.


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