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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Germany and Guitars

Today's is another travel post .... but first, a song for you to listen to while you're reading - Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat.   This is an old come-all-ye song, written about emigration to America - one of the few happy sounding ones that are around.  

I've been playing guitar for many years, since I was at school, and have had many different guitars in my time but my absolute favourite is my newest addition ... an Avalon, hand made here in Northern Ireland.  I'm not very technically minded but for those of you who are, the front body is made of bear claw spruce - so called because of the natural markings in the wood that aren't visible until it's cut.  I adore the eccentricity of it... 

We travel a lot in our work, Tom and me, sometimes with others, sometimes just the two of us.   One of our favourite destinations is Germany ... In the next blog, H, I'll introduce you to Hallig Hooge an island off the north west of Germany, but for this one, here's a few images from around the country.  

Waiting to cross the Rhine on our way home.   We took the ferry from Ireland to France, drove around Holland, Denmark and down through Germany.   This was our last stop before heading back to Cherbourg

I love these lampposts and the tram line running behind it.

We often play in old churches that are used for arts centres as well as worship.    This one is in a tiny village called Annahuette.


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  1. I played the violin in school. I like your music a lot. Anyhow my mother's father side came from Northern Ireland (Antrim County)

    Coffee is on

  2. Those photos are so cool! I love your posts. :)

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