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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Garden Helper

I had help in the garden today.  I'm not a very willing gardener and very rarely go out to do any work in it but this little chap would bring me out more often for sure.  

It was like he was posing for me and kept me out twice as long as I would have otherwise stayed.  

It's time to start feeding them ... the weather's getting much colder now.   What is it about robin's that make you ready for Winter?

The weather has been so mild that the change in the clocks a few weeks back has been a real shock.   Normally the time change doesn't bother me in the slightest, but I just can't get used to it being pitch black at 5 in evening.  Ah well it'll get us ready for a good winter I hope.  

Are you ready for Winter yet?
Have you any unusual ways of feeding the birds in your garden?

This blog is Day 24 of my 30 day blog challenge   Can't believe the end is in sight.


  1. Nice to see a real robin. American robins only appear round here in the spring. I miss the little fellers from England. We aren't allowed to hang bird feeders on our balconies here sadly. So don't really see much of birds at all.

  2. Hi Fil - thanks so much for the CD - looking forward to listening to my prize. Love robins and they are the gardener's best friend ..

    No - tonight is going to be the coldest so far this year .. but the bugs need to be nobbled and the birds need to be fed ... and I'm not really geared up for the cold .. cheers Hilary


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