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Friday 7 November 2014

Travelling Light

We're flying today with Mr Ryanair- my least favourite way of travelling.  

Howandsoever it's been a revelation. 

It is possible to go and gig with one small bag each. Our host is lending me a guitar and Tom is borrowing congas.  

What a change for us!

We usually take our car and end up bringing everything but the kitchen sink!  

How about you?
Do you pack light or do you need the whole house with you?


  1. When I used to travel a lot for work in my previous previous job, in the beginning I'd pack everything plus their grand mother!
    Then I suddenly understood the meaning of using the same pants for 2 days or using one shirt on two different days. And I really didn't need 3 pairs of shoes for a 2 day trip..
    Oh those were the days..
    Now I pack so minimal one would think I'm going to the corner store..

  2. I don't travel often, but when I do, I'm brining everything I THINK I may need! Kitchen sink> yep, we may need that better pack it!

  3. Hi Fil - I take the whole house .. if I get a chance! But I've done minimal travel too ... dunno where you're going .. but have fun - and thanks so much for my prize .. it's arrived - I just need to get it to the CD player ...

    Cheers Hilary


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