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Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Green Fields of France

Today is Remembrance Day.

In the folk world there have been many anti war songs written, and for me, one of the most poignant is Eric Bogle's wonderful song "The Green Fields of France" or "No Man's Land".   

At the moment, there is some controversy around it.   The British Legion have decided to adopt the song as their theme for the centenary remembrances.    But they have left out the end of the song, which is the most important part - the anti war themes.   Eric Bogle said he wrote the first four verses as a lead up to the main part of the song and isn't best pleased that he wasn't consulted.   What a shame.
The story has been picked up by the Independent Newspaper 

A lot of Irish men fought in the First World War but haven't been remembered until very recently.  As this is the centenary special efforts have been made to include them. 

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  1. Hi Fil - yes I noted that the Irish had been included in this year's Remembrance at the Cenotaph - I'm sure it's because of 'the troubles' .. I find it extraordinary that Eric wasn't consulted ...

    Amazing song - lovely .. and yesterday was special - Hilary


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