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Sunday 23 November 2014

St George's Market, Belfast

One of the oldest indoor markets in the British Isles St George's Market in Belfast is simply gorgeous and a real treat for a day out.  It is the last covered in Victorian Market in Belfast and dates from the 1890s - before which it would have been an open market.

Full of atmosphere, on a Sunday it is mainly an artisans market - Friday and Saturday are regular market days - fish, veg etc plus artisans.  

Sunday sees ceramics, silversmiths, wood turning, lots of jewellery, foods from around the world, 
Queueing at the Belfast Bap Co. - the best bread rolls in the world!!!
great coffees, local art, photographs and memorabilia, vintage books, specialist bakers - I love it.   
Coffee anyone?

Oh and I forgot to mention live music - which was superb this weekend.

 Today there was a film being shot adding to the chaos - and the pre Christmas rush is well under way.  
Some of the original Victorian design

Someone's yarn-bombed the main entrance grille

And from the inside ..

I hope your Sunday was as much fun :)


  1. Looks like a great place to visit. I love all the old you get over there.

    1. That's a great way of putting it Inger - all the old. I like that :)

  2. Nice. Most of the farmer markets we have here don't have live music, but they do have fantastic locally grown produce and locally created merchandise.

    BTW, I spent this past Friday (11/21) listening to your c.d. It was absolutely fantastic and I left a review of it on Amazon for you. It should be live within a day or so.

    Father Nature's Corner

    1. Aw that's brilliant GB - thank you - I'll go have a look.

      I know some musicians in New England who play at their local market from time to time and it always intrigued me until I found this one and found out what they're talking about.

  3. Hi Fil - how lovely you were able to enjoy the day ... I used to love Oxford market many decades ago ... and then Borough Market in London is the place to visit now ...

    They are great places and I love the architecture you've shown us and the stalls ... food to go - yes please! Cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, it's the food gets me too Hilary :)

      I really want to visit Oxford some day - we've been looking around for folk clubs near it to plan it into one of our trips. After years of watching Morse and Lewis it's a must see. Never been to Cambridge either so I must check that out too. and thanks for the heads up on Borough Market. My only problem with these wonderful places though, is that I'd need a mortgage cos there's always something wonderful that just has to come home with me :)


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