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Saturday 7 February 2015

The Session

Getting ready for the session

The session is a regular part of life in Ireland and we have several regular ones in Rostrevor. 

Deirdre on the fiddle
These pics were taken at the Tuesday night session a few weeks ago.
The pub is tiny
This one is mostly songs based which is quite unusual as most are tunes based with a few songs punctuating the music.
Jimmy playing whistle tunes
I don't get down very often as it's always a late night or early morning but when I do go down I love it and always have great fun.
Alfie on banjo - he leads the session with Matthew
There are singing sessions in the area every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and an early one on Sunday.   So if you're around and have a song to sing or a tune to play then drop in.   You'd be very welcome.
Some visitors from Denmark

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  1. I LOVE this! If I were in Ireland, I'd definitely pop down!
    When I lived in Indonesia, we discovered that the British consul owned a 'pub' (as close to a pub as you can get in hot Bali) which had an Irish night on Tuesday where you could come along and join in. My Czech friend and I went along with violin and flute respectively and LOVED it. We had such a jolly time and it was very good for feeling home sick, to be playing familiar music. I loved learning Gamelan out there but to be able to talk to someone English and play music close to home was wonderful. The funny thing was, the Swiss, and American consuls also came along to play as did the British consul!!! xx


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