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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Technical Blogger help required

Hi my lovely friends.

Can any of you give me a bit of advice on how to set up another tab that is more than a page here on Blogger?

I would really like to do a tab on restaurants that I find as I travel and perhaps places to stay too.   Do I need to set up a new blog and then link to it as an external feed?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

And here's a wee pic from York yesterday - inspecting the walls for oncoming marauders :)


  1. Hi Fil - I'm afraid I don't .. but I want to update my blog (sometime!) .. when you return - check out someone who's got a few tabs and ask them ... cheers Hilary

    Check out - create a new page ... once you're in Design ...

  2. Also - you can do it in test mode on your blog - so it doesn't interfere ... yet you can see what's happening ........ at least I think that's the way it works!!

  3. Actually Blogger themselves recently posted information on this subject. You would have to search their pages, but it was not long ago.

  4. Thank you ladies ... I'll get to it tomorrow ... I did try creating a page, but it is just a static page - not one you can add blogs to which is what I want to do ...

  5. I have a few different blogs and recently blogger showed how to add them as pages. I like this as they are separate blogs, but all come up on the main one as tabs. You can see my blog to see how that works. You just add the blog address as a page in the layout. Make sure to click on "show external links". Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks a million for that ... I've checked out your blog and as soon as I get a bit of free time I'm going to do that - it's something I've had in mind for ages but never got time to do.


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