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Monday, 23 February 2015

Is a Dove a Doo Da

Back in sight of Ailsa Craig on Friday night
These past few days we've been having great fun with dialect and trying to get our ears tuned in to the various Scottish accents.  

Folk clubs always have floor singers before the main guest of the evening goes on, and one of the floor singers at Girvan (back down near Ailsa Craig again) on Friday night sang this Jim Douglas song and everyone was falling about the place laughing.   Tom and I in turn were laughing at their hysterics, but in truth I got about one word in ten.   So our friends that we've been staying with for the weekend gave me the words … it's very funny and it is properly called The New Teacher.

So I thought I would tease you with a snippet of a song and see if you can figure out what the singer is on aboot  - especially for any of you teachers reading this who might be trying to teach your childer to speak proper England-like!!!

This has kept me awake most of last night I might add - could not get it out of my head and now I'm wrecked ….

"Is a dove a doo, dad
Is a doo a dove?
Is a cow a coo dad,
A sparrow just a spyug
Is a wall a waw dad
Is a dog a dug?
She's gonny warm ma ear dad
Instead of kelp ma lug."

Got it?!

Here's a video of some children singing it just so you can get the tune and let it stay in your head for the next 24 hours too and I won't be going mad on ma oon…

It's slow getting pictures loaded up when we're travelling - there's not much time to sit on your own.   But we had a lovely weekend off from gigs, visiting friends and having a drive around the East Neuk of Fife - I'll be back soon with some pictures.

Today now we're heading to Stirling to sing at the folk club there tonight.   Then down into England tomorrow.

Have a brilliant week and I'll be dropping in when I get the chance to say hello on your blogs.



  1. Hi Fil - I have nooo ideeee .... but fun to see the video of the kids singing .. and delighted to read you're enjoying yourselves ... cheers for the week ahead - Hilary

    1. Cheers Hilary :) I hope the hip's continuing to improve

  2. Oh dear, it sounds like this song might be about me with my southern accent teaching phonics to children with a more northern or midland accent!!!

    1. Hahahahaha Pempi … that could be it lol


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