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Friday 16 August 2013

Day 16 - Sister Moon and a new toy ...

Oh the beautiful moon ... just spotted her rising this evening ...
Had to get outside for a look ...

And I found a new toy ....a tripod!!!   woohoo .... a lot steadier.

The water looks so inviting with the reflection on it...

and the clouds ....

how mysterious ....

I was seriously off centre this evening - no time all day to just be on my own and do something creative.   And the next few weeks we're going to be on the move mostly ...  panic.

Really enjoyed these few minutes to breathe and focus.   

I'm writing to Santa for a new camera lol


  1. i hope Santa is listening....a new camera to go with your tripod seems like a grand idea. ;)

    you might want to wander over to my blog...i did the drawing for the giveaway....not quite a new camera but....;)


  2. the problem with Santa in this house is that he doesn't take notes!!! hahahahaha I'm on my way to reading everyone else's blogs from yesterday now


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