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Monday 5 August 2013


...seems to be the theme for today.

Time for visiting

I had a walk on the beach with my mother yesterday - wish I could communicate better.  And I wish I lived a bit closer so I could pop in to see her more often.
The Atlantic Ocean at Bundoran yesterday
Great legs for an 86 year old - even after a stroke..  I love the shadow here

On my way back home this song came on the radio ...

Such beautiful lyrics ....
Time in a Bottle always makes me smile.   I was a huge Jim Croce fan at Uni - still am for that matter, - and my first band, Misty Morning, used to do several of his songs.   I love the image of the box full of wishes that's empty because all his dreams have been answered.  Perfect.

Thanks Jim for the lovely words to just relax and breathe to.

Time for friends - going to try and make more of that this month...

Time for myself - reading all the great blogs in this Blogalong is changing my focus and making me realise I don't spend nearly enough time just sitting and being alone - changing that now.

And finally .... 

The new Doctor Who - he's a Time Lord (hahaha) - the radio is full of that today .... I had a long drive home and plenty of time to just float along to the music and let my mind wander off in the Tardis!!!

And now time for a glass of wine and a chat.
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  1. OH ... I haven't heard that song in so long!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Jim Croce! And love your music as well!! Enjoy that glass of wine...

  3. and quiet contemplation...a perfect pairing! ;)

    time...oh...could noodle on that one for a good while, slow-burn kairos...

    sometimes life feels like a runaway roundabout and i'm the only one digging my feet in lol..gonna wear out my sneakers...



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