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Thursday 22 August 2013

Family connections - in laws

It's been a busy day getting things wrapped up for September classes - changing days for community choir, planning one to ones, enrolling in a Pilates class for myself, updating my website  and having a great acupuncture session with our local physiotherapist - busy day.   But tomorrow we're heading away to do a few gigs.

We'll be dropping in to see a cousin of Tom's that he hasn't seen since they were both very small and we've been going through family snaps to bring to her ... There's something about old family photos that makes me pause for a while and just breathe and let the mind wander off on its own trail.

Tom on the right with his younger brother - obviously the fish was special!
 In the middle of it we found this great picture of my mother in law and her sister when they were in their late teens.   They both loved clothes and worked in the linen mills edging handkerchiefs ...  They'd go to the pictures (the movies for my American friends here) to see what the stars were wearing and then come home and copy those dresses and have them ready to wear the following week at the dance.  Clever girls!

Time for school ....
Tom heading to the new school.

We reckon his Uncle on the left was a member of the Sopranos!!

This is Day 21 of Effy's Blogalong Challenge  ... I've missed a few, but mostly I've kept up - both with writing and with reading some of the other wonderful blogs in this group - it feels like I've gotten to know a whole new family.  


  1. It's been such a pleasure checking in with and getting to know so many lovely members of my tribe. <3 I'm glad you're enjoying it too!

  2. Love the old photos! And safe travels!!

  3. "... it feels like I've gotten to know a whole new family."

    I feel those words. Right here in this post. I love meeting your family and life through the photos you've shared. Wonderful. Really. And thank you, too, for sharing your website!

  4. Thank you girls for the lovely comments :)


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