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Sunday 18 August 2013

Random thoughts on travelling and finding quiet time.

I'm really happy to be going away for a holiday next week but at the same time it's making me feel a loss at the realisation that the down time I've carved out during the past few weeks of the blog challenge will be much harder to come by.  It's been a wonderful blessing taking the time to come and chat each evening - at least that's how it's felt - a chat with a new tribe where I feel very comfortable.

I'm not at home this weekend either and it's challenging to find some quiet space and time to concentrate enough to find something to blog about.

It's hard enough at home but all my bits are to hand there.  This is how it's going to be for the next few weeks so this weekend is giving me a chance to make a list of what I'll need with me.

A new mid sized journal for starters (any excuse to buy a new journal is always good)
A connector for my camera to the laptop or iPad
Photocopies of the intro and first chapter of Women Who Run With the Wolves - you certainly need space and quiet to get into that.
Some pencils and crayons on the off chance that some doodling time might present itself.

But this is mainly making it clear to me how much we need our time alone and our time to be creative.  So one of my tasks when I'm away is to plan out some sort of timetable for the winter that allows for time alone and for time to play.

Here's a song for the road ...  Andy Irvine's tribute to Woody Guthrie .....Photos tomorrow ...

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