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Wednesday 7 August 2013


This is just a very quick post - I don't want to miss a day in this Challenge to do a Blog a day for a month.  It's been so interesting ... like everyone else, I thought I'd have nothing to write about, but just sit down at the keyboard for a minute and an idea comes up - now why can't I do that when it comes to writing songs or doing anything crafty or arty!  It's also given me a chance to let my blog develop without advertising - by the end of the month I hope to have plucked up courage to share it with my mailing list and Facebook Page ... not yet though - don't want to spoil my fun and make another stick to beat myself up with!

I love seeing friends coming to the house ... but it must be said that it's also nice to see them going!!!  On Friday we're going to not answer the phone or go anywhere or talk to anyone ... have a day in pyjamas ... oh bliss!!!!  And then I want to get back to Inner Excavation and try some of the art challenges therein.  A few poems and songs have been written but I haven't posted anything yet ... work has been getting in the way - pfffff work really is such a distraction!!

But in the meantime, it's nearly dinner time so I'd better get a move on - we're going to be very healthy this evening - a big salad and some local fish and an even bigger fruit salad for afters.    The colours are wonderful at this time of the year ... and if proof is every required that a God exists,  mangoes are it!!!!

I saw this outside a cafe in Galway a couple of months ago .... a really nice thought for the evening.   I hope your day is going well wherever you are - will be reading around all the blogs later on ...

Big Hugs to you all

This is Day 7 of the Blogalong Challenge ..

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