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Sunday 4 August 2013

Everyone can art .... I'm told!

I've been asking my artist friends for years to do a class for adults that involved crayons, plasticine and finger painting - pretend that we're 5 year olds and go on from there ... but I think they all thought I was joking!!!   wouldn't you?!

For years I've been wanting to play with colour- I've bought coloured pencils and crayons and paints and paper, have hoarded bits of stuff that I've collected, even have a shelf in my office dedicated to art supplies that make me smile everytime I look at them ... but I never knew what to do with any of it.   I didn't do art at school - at least not at secondary school, although I can still smell plasticine and crayons from our primary school classroom - so there was some painting done somewhere.  

Then last year, I was feeling really cut off from my music and started following some blogs and plucked up the courage to take an online class and all of a sudden it opened the door for me to play with all my treasures :)   Still no masterpieces, but I'm having so much fun.   And wonder of wonders, I've found my way back to my own world again - a muse has reappeared and I'm finally starting to enjoy my music again  - it was not a nice place to be, hating the thing that makes me what I am.

A huge thank you to these ladies ...

First I fell across the wonderful Alisa Burke and took one of her doodling classes ...
That led me to Liz Lamoureux and her lovely book Inner Excavation - I'm looking forward to spending more time with that this winter.
and that in turn led me to Effy Wild and her fantasmagorical sisterhood of Artists.

You all rock and I'm loving learning from you.

These are my first attempts ...  (at least the ones I'm prepared to show) hahahahahaha ...
Til next time.... :)


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    1. hehehe - you're so sweet Cynthia - thank you for the indulgence :)


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