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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Bake Bread for Peace on 24th

The 24th October is the 69th Birthday of the United Nations - I'm posting this a couple of days early to give you a chance to take part in this event.   
A friend of mine from Donegal, Breezy Kelly, is a storyteller who bakes bread while she tells stories.   She came up with the idea of baking bread in peace and for peace.   When hands are kneading flour they can't be holding weapons.  
Her idea has been travelling around the globe.  
24th October 2014 is International Bake Bread for Peace Day.

To quote Breezy 
We are all at a loss for words to describe our sadness about the dis ease in the world at present and things seem to be going from bad to worse. We hear talks of cease fires, talks, talks and more talks but the madness goes on. The world wide chaos is so terrible that we try not to look at it , bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away, we feel helpless that there seems to be nothing we can do and yet we want to do something. Breaking Bread together is a Universal sign of Peace, this is something we can do together, no blaming, no making anyone right or wrong, just baking and sharing Bread to reach out in Peace and for Peace. Together, just maybe we can make a difference. Join us on October 24th for "International Bake Bread for Peace Day", get your thinking hats on, create an event in your area, in your kitchen, in your local school, it's up to you. Share your ideas with us, send photos, advertise your events, spread the word far and wide that we want Peace! Gentle thoughts to you all.

Join or simply visit, the Facebook page to get more info and to post into it if you feel like joining in. 

And for good measure, here's Breezy's recipe for Wheaten Bread.

And lastly, here's a video of another good friend who wrote a fantastic song called Fresh Bread - he talks about seeing women in the Shankhill area of Belfast throwing loaves of bread across the barricades to the women in the Falls during one particularly bad episode of our recent history here.  
In this video he's singing for Spoken Dance - a group of wheelchair bound and abled bodied dancers from Limerick.  

Wishing Peace to all my friends around the world.  

I am also submitting this blog as Day 11 of a 30 day blog challenge that I'm taking part in.


  1. What a special woman she must be. You know, when I was young, I thought everything in the world would become better. I thought we would be done with wars, having grown up from all that, I thought people would become more sophisticated and tolerant. I thought there would be jobs, food, and all that. Don't know why I thought this, but I certainly was very wrong.

    1. I was the same Inger - I thought it would all be ok .... But I think all we can do is do the best we can in our own place ... and for me at least, stop watching the news. It's just scaremongering.

    2. Hello, I'm giving Breezy a hand promoting 2016 Bake Bread for Peace. Your site come up when I goggle it. One of things that keeps reoccurring for me is remembering to have a bird's eye of our world. Upon lifting myself out of the dreary day to day indignation found at this time surprisingly, in the world's history our human lives are expediently better. Less war, less illness, more connectivity. And certainly more opportunity to come together. I hope this note finds you Fil and your friend Inger in a more heartfelt place regardless of the calamity that prevails. And if you can, please remember to Bake Bread for Peace. Catch yourself from thinking about the disasters of the day. Do it with a joyful heart and a calm mind. Things are getting better all the time. I wish you only good things. Always Eileen O'Toole-

  2. I haven't baked bread for years but I wholeheartedly support this idea. I think we all thought peace would come in our future, especially those who lived through the world wars. Nowadays I don't believe man will ever be totally at peace.

  3. I commend both you and your commenters' aspirations for peace-unfortunately I do not trust the United Nations in that regard-I think it is an organization that's all about amassing and holding power.

    Sadly, if the general population could be more involved in the decision to march off to war, I wonder how many military actions would stall?

    It's certainly easier to send someone else's children off to spill their blood on foreign sand.

    And there's just a few things I ain't got sorted out
    Sometimes they make my brain get sore
    Like if kids were left of all devices
    Would they ever come up with a thing like war

    -Todd Rundgren ("The Wheel")

    I, too, thought that by this time hatred would be eradicated. But it seems that as the years go by, people seem to care less about one another.

    I was a little too young to be a hippie, but even in the 70's we all thought we could make the world better. I'm not sure where we went off track.

    I have heard that the latest generation (forget how they are named) is different. If that is true, I hope that they do not lose their idealism.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly that if the people at large were made part of the decision there'd be a lot less blood spilled.
      and I do think the younger generation have a more wholesome idealism which they hopefully won't lose.
      Thanks for coming by.

  4. Hi Fil - what a great idea ... Peace ... butterfly peace ... fluttering across the nations and around the world. We are living in a selfish world - some thankfully aren't ... but how to get people to realise we need to help others and lift each other up - not push anyone down.

    Cheers Hilary


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