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Saturday 18 October 2014

Rewriting a song for a new era

Recently I've come across a bunch of songs I wrote back in the mid 90s - around the time of the ceasefires here - it's hard to believe that's 20 years ago now.  We had a referendum back then to vote for power sharing I seem to remember - certainly it was a vote for peace.   The songs are angry and hopeful at the same time - demanding action from our politicians and commenting on their anger and single minded hatred.

Today our politicians are no better - we still vote for tribes here - yet we're governed by a bunch of idiots in Westminster that no more talk for us than they do for the people of England, Scotland or Wales with the one difference that we don't even get to vote for them.

Here we have no opposition.  It's power sharing of the worst kind - us and them together - one hand can't be moved without the other agreeing so there is constant stalemate to the point of ineffectiveness.  It is so frustrating.

Anyway, back to the songs.   I've moved on in the type of music I write or sing nowadays and it's hard to find a new fit for these songs but I don't want to lose them.

This one is called Talk About

What you gonna talk about when there's nothing left to talk about?
What you gonna talk about when there's nothing left to say?
What you gonna shout about? What you gonna lie about?
What you gonna talk about when there's nothing left to say?
Your passion and your anger left me speechless
Nothing you would say could change my mind
Your paranoic outbursts on the TV
Show your generation must be left behind
Your energy re-channelled could move mountains
Your passion could be put to better use
The hatred and distortion on a face some think is handsome
Could be a blessing if you only called a truce. 
The staying power you've shown is without question
Your single minded mission has been clear
Just think what great achievements you'd have brokered
Had you led by hope and never led by fear
So Mr Politician can you hear me
The people have all spoken with one voice
Together you can build a future worthy of what's lost
It's time to think about our present not our past.

This blog is Day 7 of Sarah Allen's 30 day blog challenge

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