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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Road Trip

During the A to Z blogging challenge I followed lots of interesting blogs which I still read quite regularly and gained some lovely friends on the way.   I had intended to spend more time after the challenge to take part in the Road Trip and check in on some more blogs, but as yet I've only managed to do this a couple of times.   So here's a peak at a few I found today.

Bonnie Gwynne - Where Legends Begin.   
Lovely writing, but sadly nothing was posted after the start of June.  I would have enjoyed reading more.

Elegant Articulation - beautiful writing

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose - this is a blog full of wisdom mixed with reviews of (mainly) Indian literature - I like the way Shilpa writes and I love the look of this blog.   I think I'll follow along for a while.

Quiet Laughter This is a blog of a novelist who lives in Curacao.   One of things I've loved about blogging, and particularly the A to Z challenge, is getting to know people around the world.   This one definitely fits the profile.

Thrift Shop Commando - this one definitely speaks to my heart and one I've had to follow - I love shopping in charity shops (thrift shops on the other side of the pond) - there are always treasures to find.  And Tami at Thrift Shop Commando has made a blog out of her passion.   I'm hoping for some tips.

Onomastics Outside the Box - I had to visit this one, just to learn what the word meant if nothing else - it's the study of people's names - there y'are now as they'd say here.

This is my Day 3 of the Sarah Allen 30 day blog challenge

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