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Monday 20 October 2014

Singing Tips - grow your own movie

Singing to me is first and foremost about painting a picture .... if I can't see the scene in words I'm singing, like my own private movie, then I can't get into the song and find it very very difficult to sing.   To me, that is the x factor, and when another singer has their picture clear in their mind, the words that they sing allow the listener to see their own movie....

I've found over the years, that the first picture I see when I first hear a song, stays the same forever unless I consciously try to change it.   If you are having difficulty with your voice on a  certain phrase in a song you're practicing, forget about the notes for a while and instead picture the words - each word ... what do you see when you say the word moonlight for example .... where is the scene?  Is the moon full or crescent or on the wane?  is it winter or summer, raining or clear etc...  build up the scene in your mind's eye and you'll soon find that the notes are taking care of themselves.

Moon over Carlingford Lough

This blog is Day 9 of Sarah Allen's 30 day blog challenge


  1. What a wonderful insight, Fil. I think I have been far too caught up in the notes on the page, the way the words are sung (try to stop children singing with a Brummie accent!!) and the pitch to actually think about what the song is trying to communicate!! I can really see this as the way forward - thank you so much :)

    1. I've spent my life trying to get rid of my Northern Irish accent when I sing the word down or out!!! But it's a hard job ... and with kids it's so lovely to hear their own voices.. I'd love to hear their Brummie accents - it's a brilliant accent:)

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