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Friday 17 October 2014

How Wolves Change Rivers; Singing Tips.

A weird combination of a subject line you might say, but bear with me ....

I thought this video was so interesting.   What Nature can do when it's left to its own devices.  It's only 4 minutes long but well worth the watch.

One of biggest problems for students of singing is getting out of their own way to allow their voices to improve.   The nature of our voices knows exactly what to do to sing but out heads stop us.  The thousand and one voices in our head that tell us we're not good enough need to be stilled and if we learn no other lesson from a singing class then this one is the most important.

So how do you do that?

For me, it's about concentrating on words ... I wrote a blog about it here ....  If, when we're talking, we didn't focus on what we are saying, we'd come out with some serious gobbledegook.   Try it .... Think about your clothes for example and then try talking to someone .... It just doesn't work.   Or if you were to think about how you're talking - same thing - your mind is not on the words your saying.

So why should it be different for singing?   If we concentrate on what we're trying to say (sing) to the exclusion of all the worries of I'm not good enough, I can't sing, they'll think I'm stupid etc - your voice will then be able to get on with improving on its own.

This blog is Day 6 of Sarah Allen's 30 day blog challenge


  1. Hi Fil - a couple of other bloggers have posted this video recently .. and I can't but totally agree with you ... it really does show the environment and what makes it adapt and how Nature helps along the way.

    Re Singing .. it's allowing your mind to escape your body and give what it wants to offer the world ... and along that process finding your own voice and way of giving life to your voice and songs .. cheers Hilary

    1. You've just reminded me of the healing power of the song Hilary. thank you.


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