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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Songs from the Road

This is a short post to share a video of Tom and myself from our visit to Cahors Folk Club in France this Summer.

The two songs are Seoladh na nGamhna - which in English means "Herding the Calves" - a young girl goes out to the woods to bring the calves home and meets a young man and the calves go home alone!!!

The second, the faster one is Sí do Mhamo í - a bit of a nonsense work song from the West of Ireland - it means She's the Granny - and is sometimes called Cailleach an Airgid - the hag with the money - what a title!!   It's about a wedding - someone gets married to the old woman with the money!!  Enough said :)

That's Tom on the left.

Winter seems to have descended really suddenly around here - the nights have drawn in without noticing the shortening.  Haven't brilliant sunshine until just a few days ago will be a huge help for getting through the Winter to come.  I don't know about you, but I feel so much better - my bones still feel warm :)

How's Autumn coming in for you?  Are you well settled into a routine?


  1. What a delight always to hear your music. I've really been noticing how nights have lengthened here as well, and it seems more abrupt this year for some unknown reason. I'm doing my best to soak in the sun and keep my bones warm as well. :-)

    1. We need to hold on to every little bit Deborah ... thank you for your lovely comments :)

  2. Hi Fil - lovely to hear and see you both. Autumn is definitely here ... but at least there's sun today .. cheers Hilary

    1. It'll definitely shorten the winter for us.


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