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Saturday 25 October 2014

Photos of the week

Blue door
It's blowing a gale here this morning and I'm playing catch up on my 30 day challenge...

We've been in the studio these past few days - I'm putting down guitar parts for some of the songs for the album and making use of the school mid term break -  no choir, no students, no distractions for the coming week.   But we're fighting against the noise of the wind blowing against the window.  

 Out for a walk earlier in the week I noticed Autumn colours are really showing now.
This wee lane leads to the sea - there are surely fairies down there;)
 I love the fact that our weather changes so much - there'll be storms for 5 minutes - now the sun is shining :)   Four seasons in one day.

I don't know what that berry is,
but it's a spectacular blast of colour for the time of year.

The clock's go back tonight ... Have to remember they Spring forward and Fall back.

This is my  Day 13 blog of a 30 day blog challenge 

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  1. Ours don't change til the end of the month. Nov 2 actually I believe.


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