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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Scavenger Photo Hunt April 2017

I've been terribly slow getting back into taking photos so it's lovely to join back in with Hawthorn's Scavenger Photo Hunt (albeit a few days late).

1. New

Starting work on our new CD - so excited to be playing with these guys.

2. Rust

My rusty old gate is certainly looking better with the new clematis I planted last year.

3. Box

My box for the last couple of days  - singing behind that screen, tucked in-between all the drums and listening to Steve playing guitar in the other room through the headphones

4. Ingredients

The perfect ingredients for an afternoon off

5. Begins with ... D

We had a couple of very misty nights a while back
and I was struck by the trees through the window of our front door.

6. Mechanical

The tuning heads on my guitar have been driving me crazy for the past two days
Off to the doctor with them tomorrow ... that's what passes for mechanics in my world at the minute.

7. Something seasonal

Oh love of my life - bluebells.  At the wood at Narrowwater Castle outside Warrenpoint

8. Recently finished

Terrible picture, but I have recently finished this shawl!! 

9. Begins with ... R

I've had this RED tulip in a vase on the windowsill for over a week and it's getting more translucent with each day - fabulous colour. 

10. My own choice

Bundoran, Co. Donegal

So, that's it for this month... Check out Hawthorn's list for May - it's up already- and join in next month if you have time.  


  1. Better late than never!!, good to see your photos ☺ so glad you joined in. My favourite? Ingredients! Will add you to my round up x

    1. Brilliant, I'll look forward to it.

  2. Well done & love the one for 'ingredients'. Never would have thought of that. Also love the door & bluebells. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by - glad to be taking part again

  3. Hi Fil - wonderful range of photos ... clever matching up ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary - I love seeing different people's interpretations of the words

  4. Oh such gorgeous photos Fil! Such a sense of refreshing Spring delight - makes me take a slow deep breath and smile.

    1. Spring has been really beautiful this year Deborah - a time for slow breathing for sure.

  5. What a joy to read! So glad you found the time to take part. I totally agree with Susan as to which are my favourites. As for the beach at Bundoran, well a friend was looking to buy a delapidated property near Bundoran last year; your photo of the beach is lovely. I gather it is a good spot for surfing, if you like surfing!

    1. It's a brilliant surfing place ... Bundoran was absolutely packed that day, which is unusual but lovely to see.

  6. Love your entries for the scavenger hunt. Most impressed with that shawl - it looks fabulous and I like your take on "ingredients":)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. That shawl was a one ball knit which was even better - but it took ages to block out. I'll have to learn how to photograph them better :)

  7. What a lovely selection of photographs. The colours in the shawl are beautiful.the hammock looks very inviting. We have one tucked away in the cupboard, it's not often in the garden due to an abundance of doves and pigeons!

  8. The image through your door is so very calming. Always love trees!

  9. I'm just hearing your songs at youtube and stroll through your blog - the photos #8 and 9 behind - that is, what gives me a lot of joy, such colormoods!
    I'm glad, that me met each other at Fast Blog Friday Five
    Greetings from Germany :)

    Havelland is a beautiful area, for me too, I#m living in Harz-Moutains, Saxony-Anhalt


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