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Friday 26 May 2017

Scavenger Photo Hunt May 2017

Joining in today with Hawthorn's Scavenger Photo Hunt - matching images to random words and taking a look back at the past month.

I really struggled with this list at the start, but it has turned out to be great fun - especially with the gorgeous weather we've been having these past few days.  Not being on the road for a while now all this month's photos are from nearby.  There's something about going out into nature with a camera that makes me look closer.  I love it. 


Lichen along the granite on the beach


I love glass window ornaments.   This cat was made by a lovely Polish woman living locally several years ago - and my aunt Betty bought it for me when she came to visit.   It still makes me smile.
Cat on a hot tin fence :)


Had to share a couple of photos for this one...
My clanky old faithful
used for accompanying my students
It's loud and they have all coped with singing over it!

My very first piano
very woodworm-eaten and beaten up now
It was given to me by a my Dad's cousin Leo when I was about 8
and I could pick out so many tunes on it
that my mother finally sent me for piano lessons

and my pride and joy
made in Belleek Pottery
My dad was arranging for one to be made for a man's concert pianist daughter
and told him that his daughter was learning piano
so he paid for one for me too!  Wasn't I lucky.  


Watching the rain coming in down the valley across the Lough


The hawthorn bushes have been magnificent this year - is it the mild winter or the dry spring?  Whatever the reason, they have been a joy to watch.   And now they're turning pink before the blossoms get blown away.


I love low tide.   What's under the deep.  It was a new moon yesterday so the tides are even lower, exposing the hazards for ships coming up the Lough.


We have to really fight to keep ivy off the trees here - this one I managed to uncover a few years ago and the textures are really starting to settle now... Bark always reminds me of the Trees in Lord of the Rings - what were they called?   The Ents?  When I see a sign saying Heavy Plant Crossing I always imagine one of these trees crossing the road :)  

Like the skin of some animal - I love the patterns in tree bark.

Weave or Stitch

I learned to knit Aran patterns when I was very young - my mother's way of keeping me out of mischief.  But this was easily the most silly one to do - it's a pattern that Save the Children issued years ago and I was looking for something quick and quirky to put into my friend Belinda's craft shop.  It's an Egg Cosy!!  Definitely not the most useful thing you could make.  And the decision at the end of it was that life is too short to be doing many more.   If she's very good, she might get a second one just because I have enough wool, but there are definitely better things to be at!!!  But it is so much fun.   If you're interested you can find the pattern on Love Knitting here - it'd be fun for kids at Christmas.  

Makes me laugh every time I look at this.


When I recorded my first CD, 25 years ago, everything was recorded onto 2 inch tape.   If you made a mistake during a 'take' you had to do the whole thing again as It was really complicated to try to fix things.  And when it came to mixing, engineers needed 4 pairs of hands to be able to manage all the different possibilities.   Now things are very different - not necessarily easier, but certainly easier to fix.  Below are just vocal, guitar and percussion tracks as the basis for a new song.  
Recording in the digital age.


I wonder how much time has passed since these shells had owners.

Are you playing along with he photo hunt?  It'd be great to see your interpretations.


  1. Great photos. It is so interesting to see which words everyone has chosen. I do like your cat and bark photos. My sister lives 'by the sea' and the state of the tide is a constant topic of conversation. I would like to live by the sea; but it would have to have rock pools etc etc!

    1. Yes, I love rock pools too, especially the smell of them .. but you don't see them around here... You see loads of them over on the West Coast. Although, the weather doesn't allow for paddling very often.

  2. Beautiful pictures and stories, I love how different folk interpret the words, thank you for joining in.x

    1. Thanks for facilitating Kate. I'll be getting around to see everyone else's later today.

  3. Lovely photos, love the pianos

    Julie x

    1. Hi Julie, thank you for dropping by - so glad you like the pianos - it was a real memory trip for me photographing them.

  4. Oh how I love this project Fil - not only for your lovely photos but for the peeks it gives us into your life. I have a new-found craziness for lichen so I really love seeing your extraordinary photo of it, but I think I'm most delighted by the story of our pottery piano. What a fabulous thing!

    1. Hi Deborah - There's something almost prehistoric about lichen isn't there? I love it. Yes, my wee piano has travelled with me for a long time. Keep wondering who to pass it on to ... :)

  5. I love your cat wind chime and your collection of pianos. Great photos.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. Cheers Cait - I'd love to see what you'd put in for this - get you to play along some month if you're feeling up to it.

  6. Great photos & I love seeing your part of Ireland, somewhere in UK I've never visited. The tiny piano is gorgeous & your modern makes me think how far a lot of things have come, being how I now sew, listen to music, travel, oh, all sorts. Even the way we communicate with each other across the seas, as in blogging. Thanks for joining the fun too. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan - yes it is a really pretty part of the world - well worth a visit if I do say so myself lol And so true about how our modern world has changed - I'm loving meeting people through blogging and getting to do a bit of armchair travelling and see different parts of the world.

  7. What an interesting take on the selection of words. Twice, Deep and Lichen to be exact. I was so busy looking at the foreground that I did not immediately notice the mountains in the background, lovely. The piano pictures are lovely, but The Ents being the heavy plant crossing has put a who new meaning to that sign. We often pass one on the way to Skipton.

    1. Hehehehe - that always makes me smile ... Glad you like the photos Jak... This is such a lovely challenge to take part in.

  8. I loved seeing your interpretations of the words Fil. Your cat is rather lovely and so is your battered old piano...wht a great gift that turned out to be. I was interested to read about the recording process on Modern, it sounds less time consuming the modern way.

    1. It can be Fiona - although the down side of that is that you tend to go back and tweak more, whereas the old way you had to accept what was done. The wee piano certainly was a gift for a lifetime

  9. A wonderful little collection of photos to the different themes.
    Great !
    Best, Synnöve

    1. Thank you Synnoeve - what a gorgeous name.

  10. I look at your interpretation of the words and am quite amazed. Some lovely photo's, I've enjoyed browsing through them :)


    1. hahaha, certainly twisted anyway lol Thanks for coming by.


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