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Thursday 7 December 2017

Angel - Julie's Virtual Advent Calendar Day 7

I'm a bit out of sync with the list Julie put up for following this fun Advent Scavenger Hunt - but things aren't happening in the right order here.

I love this angel.   She was a Christmas present from a friend a long time ago made by a lovely Polish girl who used to be part of the local Camphill Community staff.

I'm really enjoying this little daily focus on something seasonal - it's a joyful reminder of how lovely this time of the year can be.   Thanks Julie for organising it.  
You can check in here for the details of the prompts and the list of who else is playing and to join in yourself if you fancy playing along.


  1. Beautiful photo (and angel) I love the view from your window x

  2. It's beautiful & many memories I bet. Like Kate, that view must be stunning, you lucky girl.

  3. I too think your view is fantastic and your angel very beautiful.

  4. It's lovely to be able to give houseroom to something which has been handmade not mass produced. I like the simplicity of the lines of your angel.


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