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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Robin - Advent Calendar Day 6

This year has been very cold, but usually at this time of year and towards the end of November, I'm still out planting bulbs.  And this chap followed me around while I got some last minute daffodils planted - three years ago.  He practically posed for the photos ... really funny.

We have a few robins in the garden this year too - I love seeing them, they're so cheeky.

I'm joining in this month with  Julie's Advent Scavenger Hunt - a post a day (more or less) from now until the 24th.
You can check in here for the details of the prompts and the list of who else is playing and to join in yourself if you fancy playing along.


  1. Oh, so sweet (wonder if it's male or female), and I love playing in the garden and having birds for company. Buddy, my magpie is usually not too far away & we have lots of others too. Take care & thank you.

  2. I was so sure I had commented here, so I shall do it again (if I have repeated twice ... must do something with my memory!) now what was I saying! oh yes - I love that robins are so cheeky that they don't care when a camera is facing them while they pose for pictures :)

  3. Ooohhh... that was so sweet! I love birds, especially having them in the garden, to wake up by their singing... and this one practically posed for you... I also love daffodils :) So beautiful this advents' challenge! Hugs, dear Fil!

  4. Lovely to see the English Robin. No other bird quite like it. Sinlaw has a good painting of a robin too.

  5. Oh I do love these little guys!


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