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Monday 11 December 2017

Nativity - Advent Scavenger Hunt Day 11

I love the day of the Nativity Pageant in  Rostrevor - these photos are from a few years ago.  
We had a similar event on Saturday, although the donkey was double booked this year!  He had to do a pantomime up the road instead of bringing Mary up Bridge Street.  

Singmarra, the singing group that I direct have done the carol singing for the past few years - all our practices pay off in the end.  

Singmarra leading the way 
Mary and Jospeh being turned away from the Inn by the local butcher

After the parade

 I'm joining in this month with  Julie's Advent Scavenger Hunt


  1. I had to smile about the donkey being double booked, but I wonder how Mary felt about having to walk. Thanks for making me smile. x

  2. I agree with Barbara about the donkey - made me smile at the thought of his agent double booking him an then they opted for the indoor gig (warmer) rather than the outdoors event!!

  3. So did I, having a little smile about the double booked donkey. Don't blame him opted for the indoor gig

    Julie xxxxx

  4. That's really incredible, nostalgia, tradition, nice feelings, a sense of community... I love all these things! Certainly it has paid off, you are a great singer and the group should go on singing the carols! Hope you have a nice week, dear Fil, hugs!


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